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  1. A great place to try out our skills with this new found tool of energy is on a roller coaster.
  2. If you ever look at a physics book, I promised you on the chapter on conservation of energy
  3. you will see some problems of roller coasters.
  4. The reason is because the energy transformations are very easy to see.
  5. Up here, we have Isaac, Newton, and Galileo let's say and their cart isn't moving yet,
  6. but they have a lot of potential energy because they're up high.
  7. As they go down that would be converted to kinetic energy.
  8. Start going up some of the kinetic energy is converted back to potential
  9. and so on as they go across the track.
  10. Using what you know about the conservation of energy, could you tell me,
  11. assuming that there is no friction on this track, we'll get to friction later in this unit,
  12. "What's the fastest speed that this roller coaster will reach?", and we'll call thet Vmax.
  13. Enter your answer here in m/s.