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  1. Starting with this first equations up
    here, we see that we have 3x+4 equals
  2. smiley face. 3x has a 3 in it, but this is
    multiplied by x. A term like this, even
  3. though there is a number in it, is called
    a variable term. Because its whole value
  4. is going to change or vary depending on
    what number we plug in for x. This is
  5. definitely a variable term, 4 is just a
    number so no check there and finally, we
  6. have a smiley space. That means, it must
    be a variable. And we can go through the
  7. other three equations in the same way
    turn-by-turn to figure out what should be
  8. checked. And know that there are some
    things down here that we haven't talked
  9. explicitly about yet, and that might have
    thrown you off. Like, we have a fraction
  10. right here and we have a couple of
    expononents, but we'll get to those things
  11. pretty soon. And understanding the
    difference between variable and
  12. nonvariable terms is really important for
    understanding everything that we're going
  13. to do in Algebra. That means we're off to
    a great start in developing our
  14. foundation.