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  1. Peace! Happiness! Smile!

  2. 1, 234!
    Smile! More teeth!
  3. Don't let the camera
    catch you looking bad!
  4. Smile! 1, 2, 3, 4!
  5. Real joy, not just pleasure!
  6. And natural beauty!
    This isn’t fake!
  7. Okay, peace! Peace! Peace!
  8. I'm looking for an actress...
  9. actress to play a mother.
  10. Old ladies like you...
  11. When you see
    movie stars on TV-
  12. - you must dream of becoming one.
  13. - No, I don't.
    - Why not?
  14. - You have nothing else to do.
    - No, I'm busy.
  15. These women won't agree
    to play communists like this.
  16. It might work if we
    invite them to your house first...
  17. But if we ask them right here,
    they'll be afraid.
  18. People might think
    they really are communists.
  19. I disagree... In my neighborhood
    everybody would do it.
  20. Then let's go there instead.
    It's impossible here.
  21. This whole area was communist.
  22. We're looking for
    women with children -
  23. -to play communist wives.
  24. You try to prevent us
    from burning down your house.
  25. But in the end
    we burn it down.
  26. 'Mother, they burned
    our house down!'
  27. Like that.
  28. And don't worry if you touch
    her breasts. You're still a kid.
  29. Ready?
  30. Kill them!
  31. No!
  32. - Destroy their house!
    - No, please don't!
  33. Burn it!
  34. Kill!
  35. Cry! Weep!
  36. Don't burn my house.
  37. Keep crying!
  38. Okay cut, cut!
  39. Whether this ends up
    on the big screen -
  40. - or only on TV
    it doesn't matter.
  41. - But we have to show...
    - That this is the history!
  42. This is who we are!
  43. So in the future
    people will remember!
  44. It doesn't have to be a big film -
  45. - like Rank Organization,
    Paramount Pictures, MGM...
  46. We, in our simple way
    step by step -
  47. - will tell the story-
  48. - of what we did
    when we were young!
  49. Excuse me...
  50. There's many ghosts here, because
    many people were killed here.
  51. - They died unnatural deaths.
    - Unnatural deaths.
  52. They arrived perfectly healthy.
  53. When they got here
    they were beaten up... and died.
  54. At first, we beat them to death...
    But there was too much blood.
  55. There was so much blood here...
  56. So when we cleaned it up,
    it smelled awful.
  57. To avoid the blood,
    I used this system.
  58. Can I show you?
  59. Sit there.
  60. Face that way.
  61. We have to re-enact this properly.
  62. This is how to do it -
  63. - without too much blood.
  64. I've tried to forget all this
    with good music... Dancing...
  65. Feeling happy..
  66. A little alcohol...
  67. A little marijuana...
  68. A little... what do you call it?
  69. Once I'd get drunk,
    I'd 'fly' and feel happy.
  70. Cha cha.
  71. He's a happy man.
  72. Anwar Congo,
    from the paramilitary group.
  73. You've heard of him?
    From the Medan Cinema.
  74. Now that I'm governor,
    I stab him if he threatens me.
  75. Everyone was scared of him.
  76. The only one not scared was me-
  77. - because he looked after me
    when I was a kid.
  78. When I was in high school -
  79. - I was the only one
    not scared of him -
  80. - because I didn't think of him
    as a big gangster.
  81. But when people heard his name,
    they'd be terrified.
  82. - Why?
    - Because he's one of the killers.
  83. Now, the communists' children
    are starting to speak out -
  84. - trying to reverse the history.
  85. One of them wrote, 'I’m Proud to be
    the Child of a Communist.'
  86. But this won't last long -
  87. - because the people won't accept it.
  88. Communism will never be
    accepted here, because -
  89. - we have so many gangsters,
    and that's a good thing.
  90. The word 'gangster' comes
    from English. 'Free men'.
  91. Thugs want freedom to do things,
    even if they're wrong...
  92. But if we know
    how to work with them -
  93. - all we have to do is direct them.
  94. We were gangsters.
    We didn't have real jobs.
  95. So we'd do anything for money..
  96. ...just to buy nice clothes.
  97. This was the cinema -
  98. - where I worked.
  99. I'd stand here,
    scalping tickets and showing off.
  100. When films were popular,
    we'd scalp tickets.
  101. But when the communists
    were strong -
  102. - they demanded
    a ban on American films.
  103. They wanted fewer
    American films.
  104. - So we gangsters made less money.
    - Because there was no audience.
  105. Hollywood films were popular.
  106. Without them the gangsters
    didn't make as much money.
  107. As we say:
    'Dinner missed the belly'
  108. When we'd watch happy movies,
    like Elvis movies -
  109. - we'd leave the cinema smiling,
    dancing to the music.
  110. Our hands...
  111. Still dancing...
  112. Still in the mood of the film...
  113. if girls passed,
    we'd whistle.
  114. We loved it.
    We didn't care what people thought.
  115. Here was the paramilitary office,
    where I always killed people.
  116. I'd see the guy
    being interrogated...
  117. I'd give him a cigarette.
    I'd still be dancing, laughing...
  118. it was like we were killing...
  119. ...happily!
  120. When my mom was alive -
  121. - sometimes,
    when I was screaming...
  122. mom would rush in
    and wake me up.
  123. 'Before you sleep, wash your feet!'
  124. 'Pray properly Don't just sleep.'
  125. I know my bad dreams
    come from what I did...
  126. ...killing people
    who didn't want to die.
  127. I forced them to die.
  128. Why are you daydreaming,
    my love?
  129. Are you so uncertain?
  130. You're a star now!
  131. Amazing!
  132. This guy's a star!
  133. Joshua, film the photos!
  134. That's the president's father-in-law,
    Sarwo Edhie.
  135. - I'll introduce them one-by-one.
    - That’s the president.
  136. That's him with the president.
  137. Ibrahim Sinik is famous
    all across the country!
  138. We gangsters keep him
    well protected.
  139. We wish him
    a long, prosperous life.
  140. But don't forget
    to share your money!
  141. Ask Joshua for money.
  142. After all, he’s from London!
  143. You interrogated communists
    in your newsroom?
  144. He was always
    gathering information.
  145. When he had the information -
  146. - he'd say: 'Guilty!' and we'd
    take them away and kill them.
  147. When you interrogated
    communists in your office -
  148. - what questions did you ask?
  149. Whatever we asked,
    we'd change their answers -
  150. - to make them look bad.
  151. As a newspaper man -
  152. - my job was to make
    the public hate them.
  153. And your relationship
    with the army?
  154. - The army.
    - We had no formal relationship.
  155. But after we captured
    the communist youth -
  156. - and beat them to a pulp -
  157. - we gave them to the army
    but the army wouldn't take them.
  158. They said,
    'Just dump them in the river.'
  159. Do you remember
    exactly what the army said?
  160. I didn't bring the victims.
    I had men for that.
  161. Why would I do such grunt work?
    Why would I kill people?
  162. I didn't have to! One wink from me
    and they're dead!
  163. Pancasila Youth!
  164. How you doing, Anwar?
  165. This is the real Anwar Congo!
  166. Pancasila Youth,
    servants of the nation...
  167. Once our sails go up -
  168. - we never turn back!
  169. - Pancasila!
    - Forever!
  170. All Pancasila Youth members
    are heroes.
  171. From exterminating
    the communists -
  172. - to fighting neo-communists
    and left-wing extremists-
  173. - and those who want
    to destroy our country..
  174. This isn't only the duty
    of the army and police.
  175. We, Pancasila Youth,
    must take a stand.
  176. These are threats to the nation,
    and we must take action.
  177. They say Pancasila Youth
    is a gangster organization.
  178. If we're gangsters-
  179. - I'm the biggest
    gangster of all.
  180. Oh, shit!
  181. How did Pancasila Youth
    exterminate the communists?
  182. We killed them all.
  183. That's what happened.
  184. May I hit the ball now?
  185. We have too much democracy
    it's chaos.
  186. What is this 'democracy'?
  187. Things were better under
    the military dictatorship.
  188. Better economy More security .
  189. Gangsters are free men.
  190. They want to enjoy, life
    in their style.
  191. Relax and Rolex.
  192. You definitely have a mole
    on your pussy.
  193. Definitely.
  194. That was great.
  195. If I get a strike,
    I get a massage!
  196. There must be many ghosts here.
  197. They arrived perfectly healthy.
  198. Then they were beaten up.
  199. And died.
  200. Sit here.
  201. We have to re-enact this properly
  202. I never would have
    worn white pants.
  203. I never wore white.
  204. I always wore dark colors.
  205. I look like I'm dressed for a picnic.
  206. My acting has to be violent.
  207. And maybe I should dye
    my hair black.
  208. And now he's dead.
  209. But how do you feel
    watching this?
  210. How do I feel?
    Back then I felt more free.
  211. Older men are gentle,
    but young men...
  212. Especially me, because I watched
    so many sadistic movies.
  213. We were influenced by them.
    So we...
  214. We were more cruel
    than the movies.
  215. I know a good location
    for a torture scene.
  216. Behind the school,
    in the old toilets...
  217. - But the neighbors will hear..
    - They know me.
  218. If I look at them,
    they run away.
  219. Look, I'm laughing.
    I did it wrong, didn't I?
  220. It's my mistake.
  221. I was influenced
    by films starring -
  222. - Marlon Brando, Al Pacino...
  223. Those were my favorites.
    And westerns with John Wayne.
  224. I brought these clothes
    from home.
  225. Hopefully they express my vision.
  226. Hey you have to change your shirt.
    Put on a white one.
  227. You'll look lovely in this!
  228. - What the fuck is this?
    - Just a little decoration.
  229. It matches your body shape.
  230. It's perfect!
  231. - This one's for the 'Big Boss'.
    - Yep. It's perfect for me.
  232. And you know where I got
    the inspiration for it?
  233. I always watched gangsterfilms -
  234. - where they always kill with wire.
  235. It's faster with wire.
  236. Because when you pull the wire
    hard, the victim can't grab it...
  237. He can't, because it cuts in...
  238. it's great to be
    a communist, huh?
  239. Don't just nod. Say 'Yes sir!'
  240. - Wanna smoke, Pang?
    - No.
  241. Try this 'neo-colonialist' cigar.
  242. Have a puff.
  243. Just stick it in your nose
    if you don't want to smoke it.
  244. - Look at him!
    - Look at me.
  245. Look him in the eye!
  246. Hold on, Joshua.
    It's evening prayers.
  247. - Don't tie the blindfold so tight.
    - I didn't.
  248. The way I pull it
    just looks tight.
  249. Even by the window it's hot.
  250. 'Human rights!'
  251. All this talk about 'human rights'
    pisses me off.
  252. 'We want a little human rights!'
  253. Back then
    there was no human rights.
  254. - Because you made a revolution.
    - That's no excuse.
  255. For example, in Argentina
    some generals launch a coup d'état-
  256. - and then they're convicted
    of human rights violations.
  257. But I'm a gangster
  258. I'm a gangster A free man.
  259. A movietheater gangster.
  260. Not much education.
  261. - A human drop out.
    - A drop out.
  262. There are people like me
    everywhere in the world.
  263. They still look great.
  264. There were many
    Chinese communists!
  265. I got a thick book
    with all their names.
  266. I'd visit them,
    'How much you gonna pay?'
  267. They'd say
    'Please, Sir don't! I'm old.'
  268. We used them for their money
    We didn't kill them.
  269. But if they didn't pay we killed
    them. They can't have it both ways.
  270. If they didn't pay..
  271. ...we killed them.
  272. These Chinese are diff cult.
    Sometimes they piss me off.
  273. That's it...
    You sure speak good Chinese.
  274. When I need money
    there's nothing like an old friend.
  275. With others, if it's not enough,
    I won't accept it.
  276. Hi Lung. C'mon, shake my hand.
    It's been a long time.
  277. - I need money.
    - Why me?
  278. I'm asking you nicely
  279. I don't even ask the others.
    I just punch them...
  280. An uppercut right in the stomach.
  281. You give this sincerely?
    Then thank you very much.
  282. Our organization is planning
    a big meeting. We need money.
  283. We need more than normal.
  284. We need a huge amount.
  285. Don't give the usual amount.
  286. What’s this shit?
  287. Give more
    or I won't accept it.
  288. - Please...
    - I'd never accept so little.
  289. Here.
  290. That's not enough.
  291. What's wrong with you, Cik?
  292. We consider you our father Cik.
  293. So throw in more, and we'll take it,
    because this isn’t for just anybody.
  294. Count it up and put it in.
  295. The spirit of Pancasila Youth -
  296. - which people accuse
    of being gangsters...
  297. Gangsters are people
    who work outside the system -
  298. - not for the government.
  299. The word 'gangster'
    comes from 'free men'.
  300. This nation needs 'free men'!
  301. If everyone worked for
    the government-
  302. - we'd be a nation of bureaucrats.
    We'd get nothing done.
  303. We need gangsters
    to get things done.
  304. Free, private men
    who get things done.
  305. Use your muscles!
  306. Muscles aren't
    for beating people up -
  307. - although beating people up
    is sometimes needed.
  308. - Once more, Pancasila!
    - Forever!
  309. - Pancasila!
    - Freedom!
  310. While you wait for this train,
    we wish to inform you -
  311. - that the traffic laws are there
    to protect you and your family.
  312. We also inform you,
    that in accordance with the law...
  313. - This is me, Anwar Congo.
    - Oh, that's you!
  314. Look, I'm rolling a joint.
  315. You're smoking pot.
  316. That's me. I'm wearing a plaid shirt,
    camouflage pants, saddle shoes...
  317. See how 'elite' I am?
  318. This is what you should wear
    in the studio scene.
  319. And for the killing scene... Jeans.
    I wore jeans for killing.
  320. When you kill people, you should
    wear thick pants. Like this...
  321. - How about a checkered pattern?
    - That'd be great, but small ones.
  322. To look cool,
    I imitated movie stars.
  323. But I didn't copy Elvis Presley
  324. Herman, I'll make you
    a gorgeous dress!
  325. - More energy!
    - We're ready boss!
  326. Burn them all!
  327. Finally you got it!
  328. Cry 'What's going on, mom?'
    'Leave us alone!'
  329. Wait everybody!
    Anwar show us how to kill.
  330. You! Come here!
  331. What's going on?
  332. Who says I'm a communist?
  333. Hold him down!
  334. Torture him! Kill him!
  335. Are you listening?
  336. Stop denying
    you're a communist!
  337. - Okay fine!
    - Leave our grandfather alone!
  338. You take him, I'll take the kids!
  339. - You love these kids?
    - Please stop.
  340. Sit!
  341. - Or I'll smash this kid!
    - Let me go!
  342. If you love these kids,
    you better stop lying.
  343. It's your choice!
  344. Cut!
  345. Amazing!
  346. Why do people watch James Bond?
  347. To see action.
  348. Why do people watch films about
    Nazis? To see power and sadism!
  349. We can do that!
  350. We can make something
    even more sadistic than...
  351. ...more sadistic than what
    you see in movies about Nazis.
  352. Sure I can!
  353. Because there's never been a movie
    where heads get chopped off-
  354. - except in fiction,
    but that’s different -
  355. - because I did it in real life!
  356. What's clear is no film
    has ever used our method.
  357. We can attract a huge audience!
  358. Humor... it's a must.
  359. - Romance?
    - We've got it!
  360. Fuck this umbrella!
  361. Herman’s trapped.
  362. He should scream,
    'Leave me alone! Stop! Stop!'
  363. Meanwhile, the three of us scream,
    'You communist bitch!'
  364. Keep attacking her!
  365. I'm gonna rape you!
    I'm gonna kill you!
  366. How long have you been pregnant?
    You'll give birth to a communist!
  367. But if the audience is
    tense the whole time -
  368. - with nothing to entertain them,
    it will never work!
  369. On Saturday night,
    I went to the movies.
  370. Oh, I'm not gonna
    shake my ass or anything.
  371. I watched the movie
    alone with my girlfriend.
  372. The film was sold out -
  373. - so I bought tickets from
    the movie theater gangsters.
  374. Oh how lovely..
  375. - Adi! How’s the family?
    - We're all fine.
  376. Was it a good flight?
  377. - How've you been, Anwar?
    - I'm fine.
  378. - The city has changed a lot.
    - Really?
  379. I've tried to call you many times.
  380. But you never answer my calls.
  381. Your nose needs more.
  382. - Do you remember Soaduon?
    - Yes, where is he?
  383. Over there. Soaduon Siregar.
  384. Now he takes credit for everything,
    but back then he was nobody
  385. I remember him.
  386. - Adi, this is Soaduon Siregar.
    - I remember you.
  387. He's one of Ibrahim's Sinik's
  388. As they say:
  389. 'Although camels live in Arabia,
    they never get to visit Mecca.'
  390. Being close to a rich boss
    didn't make him rich.
  391. Just like me.
    Have a seat.
  392. Interrogation of Communist, Take 2
  393. We give land to the farmers.
  394. We give them fertilizer, seeds,
    farming equipment...
  395. In order to spread
    communism, right?
  396. Indeed, we want to show that
    the Communists are the best party.
  397. Why do you recruit people
    to join an illegal party?
  398. But back then, it wasn't illegal.
  399. - It wasn't?
    - Before 1965? Of course not!
  400. It's easy to make the communists
    look bad after we destroyed them.
  401. So, the communists were not
    more cruel than us.
  402. We were the cruel ones!
  403. 'Cruel' is totally
    different from sadistic.
  404. - No, it isn't. They're synonyms.
    - No.
  405. Sadism is different.
  406. - You're playing with words!
    - No, I'm not.
  407. You're playing with words.
  408. It bumped its head.
  409. Sometimes I think... if my dad
    was a communist and was killed -
  410. - I'd be upset. That's normal, right?
  411. For example, if you killed my father
    I'd be upset with you.
  412. Why'd you kill my father?
  413. Then, you don't let me go to school.
    You don't let me work.
  414. You don't even let me marry
    This needs to be changed.
  415. There's been no official apology -
  416. - but what's so hard
    about apologizing?
  417. The government would apologize,
    not us.
  418. It would be like medicine.
    It would reduce the pain.
  419. - Forgiveness.
    - Wouldn't they curse us secretly?
  420. They curse us secretly..
    Because if they cursed us openly..
  421. They'd be arrested!
    So they whisper their curses?
  422. For me, Adi, in the end...
  423. I'm disturbed in my sleep.
    Maybe because-
  424. - when I strangled people with wire
    I watched them die...
  425. But when you used other methods,
    you also watched.
  426. Yes, but when I'm falling asleep,
    it comes back to me.
  427. That's what gives me nightmares.
  428. You feel haunted
    because your mind is weak.
  429. Have you ever been
    to a neurologist?
  430. If I went to a neurologist,
    it would mean I'm crazy.
  431. No! Psychiatrists are not
    for crazy people.
  432. Psychiatrists aren't for crazy
    people. They're nerve experts.
  433. Even I've been to a nerve expert...
    But for a mild stroke.
  434. See, your nightmares are just
    a nerve disturbance.
  435. Come on, give it a try!
  436. If you see a shrink,
    you talk, he talks.
  437. Then he gives you nerve vitamins.
  438. Remember the 'Crush
    the Chinese' campaign in 1966?
  439. All along Sudirman Street -
  440. - I killed every Chinese
    person I met. I stabbed them!
  441. I don't remember how many
    but it was dozens.
  442. If I met them, I stabbed them.
  443. All the way to Asia Street,
    where I met my girlfriend's dad.
  444. Remember my girlfriend
    was Chinese?
  445. 'Crush the Chinese' became
    'Crush my Girlfriend's Dad'!
  446. So I stabbed him, too!
    Because he was Chinese!
  447. He fell into a ditch.
    I hit him with a brick. He sank.
  448. Killing is the worst crime
    you can do.
  449. So the key is to find a way -
  450. - not to feel guilty
  451. it's all about finding
    the right excuse.
  452. For example, if I'm asked
    to kill someone...
  453. If the compensation is right...
  454. ...then of course I'll do it, and
    from one perspective it's not wrong.
  455. That’s the perspective
    we must make ourselves believe.
  456. At first, I was scared...
    These are top gangsters!
  457. Like you and Anwar...
  458. Terrifying!
    And making a film! It's shocking!
  459. But if you want a true story
    I have one.
  460. Tell us. Because everything
    in this film should be true.
  461. There was a shopkeeper.
  462. He was the only Chinese person
    in the area.
  463. To be honest,
    he was my stepfather.
  464. He was my stepfather..
  465. But although
    he was my stepfather-
  466. - I lived with him
    since I was a baby..
  467. At 3 AM,
    someone knocked on our door.
  468. They called my dad. Mom said,
    'It's dangerous! Don't go out.'
  469. But he went out.
  470. We heard him shout, 'Help!'
    Then, silence.
  471. They took him away
    We couldn't sleep until morning.
  472. - How old were you?
    - 11 or 12...
  473. I remember it well.
  474. And it's impossible to forget!
  475. We found his body
    under an oil drum.
  476. The drum was cut in half-
  477. - and the body was under it,
    like this...
  478. His head and feet were
    covered by sacks -
  479. - but one foot poked out like this.
  480. That same morning,
    nobody dared help us...
  481. We buried him like a goat
    next to the main road.
  482. Just me and my grandfather
    carrying the body-
  483. - digging the grave... No one
    helped us. I was so small.
  484. Then, all the communist families
    were exiled...
  485. We were dumped in a shantytown
    at the edge of the jungle.
  486. That's why to be honest,
    I've never been to school.
  487. I had to teach myself
    to read and write.
  488. Why should I hide this from you?
  489. I promise I'm not
    criticizing what we're doing.
  490. It's only input for the film.
    I promise I'm not criticizing you.
  491. Look, everything's
    already been planned.
  492. We can't include every story
    or the film will never end.
  493. And your story is too complicated.
    It would take days to shoot.
  494. - Maybe we can work it in...
    - Or it can motivate the actors.
  495. We believe this man's a communist.
  496. After we decided to kill him, there
    were many reactions. Some prayed.
  497. - Come on, pray.
    - 'God help me!'
  498. How do you tell him he's going
    to die? Angrily or softly?
  499. I tried to make them accept
    that they were going to die.
  500. Anwar teach us how to torture.
  501. 'You want me to use this?'
  502. - Should I scare him?
    - Yes.
  503. You want me to use this?
  504. Then, beg him not to.
  505. Now, take the cloth
    and blindfold him.
  506. Josh always asks me,
    'You worked in the same office -
  507. - how could you not have known?'
  508. I declare: I never saw anything.
  509. Now, seeing your re-enactment,
    I realize you were so smooth -
  510. - that even me, a journalist
    with such sharp senses...
  511. I never knew!
  512. I'm surprised. Because we didn't
    hide what we were doing.
  513. - If you didn't know, I'd be shocked.
    - I didn't.
  514. We were in the same office...
  515. - And we didn't hide it.
    - I never knew.
  516. You were so smooth, and I rarely
    went upstairs to your office.
  517. - Your publisher directed the torture.
    - No!
  518. - He says so himself.
    - That's not true!
  519. He and the other leaders
    decided who we killed.
  520. Look, I'm not calling you a liar,
    but logically..
  521. - Continue, Adi.
    - I'm not calling him a liar Joshua.
  522. But this man, a journalist distancing
    himself from these things...
  523. That's predictable. But logically
    something we didn't hide...
  524. How could he not know?
    Even the neighbors knew!
  525. Hundreds were killed.
    It was an open secret.
  526. - Drink!
    - Have some water.
  527. - Drink!
    - It's not poison!
  528. Drink! Just drink it.
  529. - Drink it. It will refresh you.
    - Give him a cigarette.
  530. Let him smoke.
  531. It's sadistic, Adi.
  532. Ask him again about his activities.
  533. Have mercy on me.
  534. Please, sir.
  535. Should we kill him?
  536. Wait. Would you give a
    message to my family?
  537. Sure.
  538. Or could I speak to them
    one last time?
  539. No way.
  540. Okay pull.
  541. Lower your head.
  542. He's dead.
  543. Wrap him up.
  544. Listen, if we succeed
    in making this film -
  545. - it will disprove all the propaganda
    about the communists being cruel.
  546. - And show that we were cruel!
    - We're the cruel ones.
  547. If this film is a success! We must
    understand every step we take here.
  548. It's not about fear
    it's 40 years ago...
  549. any criminal case has expired.
  550. It's not about fear it's about
    image. The whole society will say:
  551. 'We always suspected it. They lied
    about the communists being cruel.'
  552. it's not a problem for us.
    It's a problem for history.
  553. The whole story will be reversed.
    Not 180 degrees... 360 degrees!
  554. If we succeed with this scene!
  555. But why should we always hide
    our history if that's the truth?
  556. No, the consequence is...
  557. ...that everything Anwar
    and I have always said is false.
  558. It's not the communists
    who were cruel.
  559. - But that’s true!
    - I completely agree.
  560. But not everything true
    should be made public.
  561. I believe even God has secrets.
  562. I'm absolutely aware
    that we were cruel.
  563. That's all I have to say
  564. it's up to you what to do about it.
  565. I don't mean to make you
    uncomfortable, but I have to ask...
  566. By telling yourself it was 'war',
    you're not haunted like Anwar.
  567. But the Geneva Conventions
    define what you did as 'war crimes'.
  568. I don't necessarily agree
    with those international laws.
  569. When Bush was in power
    Guantanamo was right.
  570. Saddam Hussein had
    weapons of mass destruction.
  571. That was right according to Bush,
    but now it's wrong.
  572. The Geneva Conventions may be
    today's morality but tomorrow -
  573. - we'll have the Jakarta Conventions
    and dump the Geneva Conventions.
  574. 'War crimes' are defined
    by the winners.
  575. I'm a winner So I can make
    my own definition.
  576. I needn't follow
    the international definitions.
  577. And more important,
    not everything true is good.
  578. Some truths are not good.
    Like re-opening this case.
  579. Even if everything you're finding out
    is true, it's not good.
  580. But for millions of victims'
  581. - if the truth comes out, it's good.
  582. Fine, but start with the first
    murder Cain and Abel.
  583. Why focus on killing
    the communists?
  584. Americans killed the Indians.
  585. Has anybody been
    punished for that? Punish them!
  586. For me, re-opening this case
    is a provocation to fight.
  587. I'm ready! If the world wants
    continuous war, I'm ready
  588. if you wanna make
    us fight, I'm ready!
  589. What if you were brought to the
    international court in the Hague?
  590. - Now?
    - Yes.
  591. I'd go! I don't feel guilty
    so why would I go?
  592. Because I'd be famous.
    I'm ready!
  593. Please, get me called
    to the Hague!
  594. More hot!
  595. More hot!
  596. I like this... Eye candy.
  597. This is healthy for a guy like me.
  598. Enjoy the scenery Ma'am.
  599. - One, two, three.
    - Ah!
  600. - Again! One, two, three.
    - Ah!
  601. I was asked to run for parliament.
  602. 'Why me?' 'Don't worry!
    You can do it!' they said.
  603. Then I thought,
    'Why not?'.
  604. In fact, I'm a perfect candidate
    because I'm well known!
  605. Don't clench your fist.
  606. Be quiet!
    I've almost got it!
  607. - OK, but don't make a fist.
    - You're ruining the sound!
  608. - But...
    - Stop it!
  609. Be quiet!
    You're a real pain! Just shut up!
  610. Long live the Businessmen and
    Workers Party! I am Herman...
  611. ...ready to fight
    for workers' rights.
  612. Remember to vote
    for me on election day!
  613. If I get elected and get
    on the Building Commission -
  614. - I can get money from everyone.
  615. For example, if a building
    is 10 cm too small...
  616. I can demand
    'Tear down the building!'.
  617. They'll say, 'Please don't report us.
    Here's your money'.
  618. Even if nothing's
    wrong with the building -
  619. - if I threaten them,
    they'll give me money anyway.
  620. Not just a little money
    In a block of 10 buildings...
  621. if each pays $10000,
    just do the math!
  622. That's already $100,000.
  623. That's only one neighborhood!
  624. Actually parliament should
    bethe most noble place in society.
  625. But if we see
    what they do there...
  626. They're really just
    robbers with ties.
  627. What illegal businesses are
    Pancasila Youth involved in?
  628. Gambling.
  629. Gambling, night clubs.
  630. Supermarkets.
  631. But that’s not illegal.
    They just hire us as security.
  632. - The illegal ones?
    - Gambling.
  633. - Any others?
    - Smuggling.
  634. Illegal fishing, illegal logging,
    illegal gambling...
  635. ...and if they don't pay
    we blackmail them.
  636. Let's welcome our candidate,
  637. Long live our party!
  638. Pancasila!
  639. Ready!
  640. What am I supposed to say?
    How does it begin?
  641. - What's the first sentence?
    - I'm Herman.
  642. - I'm Herman!
    - Stand up, you'll look better.
  643. Ladies and gentlemen... What
    comes next? I can't remember
  644. I'm Herman, from the Businessmen
    and Workers' Party!
  645. - Any free T-shirts?
    - Nope... Ma'am, here's my card.
  646. T-shirts! We want presents!
  647. Don't worry about money or presents.
    We'll come back with gifts.
  648. Pray for us, hopefully he'll win.
  649. Tell people
    who ask for presents...
  650. 'We'll come back with gifts
    if we win.'
  651. Tell them, 'We're filming today'
  652. - Don't forget.
    - Just a card?
  653. Where's 'the bonus'?
    Don't we get anything else?
  654. - 'The bonus' comes later.
    - Once you're elected?
  655. - Honey where do you think you are?
    - Yes, but...
  656. Many of the parties
    bribe people to vote for them.
  657. In fact, they all do.
  658. And when you see thousands
    of people at a rally -
  659. - all of them
    were paid to be there.
  660. They consider it going to work.
  661. Without money they won't come.
  662. They'll ask each other,
    'how much did you get?'.
  663. And leaders just get paid more!
  664. Nowadays, nobody believes
    in what they're campaigning for.
  665. We've all become
    like soap opera actors.
  666. Our souls have become
    like soap opera actors.
  667. They look happy,
    but inside they’re pissed off!
  668. Fuck this shit, they're thinking.
  669. Where's the injured one?
  670. Where’s the crippled one?
  671. - Which?
    - The injured one.
  672. There she is.
  673. - Sweet little duck.
    - Don't! You'll hurt her again.
  674. She's weak
    because you broke her leg.
  675. Don't do that.
    She's a baby!
  676. Say 'I’m sorry Duck.'
  677. - I'm sorry Duck.
    - That's it.
  678. Now say 'lt was an accident.
    I was scared, so I hit you.'
  679. Say 'lt was an accident.'
    Speak loudly.
  680. - Sorry Duck.
    - And pet her a little.
  681. Now the communist
    has become a ghost.
  682. He was killed and became a ghost.
  683. - Haunting you.
    - Haunting me.
  684. Do you feel trauma seeing this?
  685. If he came to me at night,
    I'd be terrified.
  686. It's like the ghosts hate me.
  687. Because in my dreams they
    have threatening voices...
  688. - They laugh, but frighteningly!
    - Try to laugh.
  689. Anwar's nightmare, take 2.
  690. Standby.
  691. Record.
  692. I thought I killed you!
  693. - What did I do wrong?
    - Just get up, surprised.
  694. And ask, 'Why are you alive?'
    What's so hard about it?
  695. I... I thought I killed you!
  696. Why am I coming to this place?
  697. Because it affected me so deeply.
  698. Because the method of killing...
  699. ...was very different.
  700. And that's why I always
    have nightmares.
  701. Is it because I've been
    telling you my story so honestly?
  702. Or maybe
    the vengeance of the dead?
  703. I remember... I said
    'Get out of the car'.
  704. He asked,
    'Where are you taking me?'.
  705. Soon, he refused to keep walking...
  706. I saw Roshiman bringing me
    a machete.
  707. Spontaneously I walked over to him
    and cut his head off.
  708. My friends didn't want to look.
  709. They ran back to the car.
  710. And I heard this sound...
  711. His body had fallen down...
  712. And the eyes in his head
    were still...
  713. On the way home, I kept thinking,
    why didn't I close his eyes?
  714. All I could think about was
    why didn't I close his eyes?
  715. And that is the source
    of all my nightmares...
  716. I'm always gazed at by those
    eyes that I didn't close.
  717. That's what always
    disturbs me so very much.
  718. Slit his throat!
  719. Cut off his head!
  720. Hooray!
  721. Did you take it?
    Is it good?
  722. - Thank you.
    - No, thank you, Sir.
  723. No. With such a beautiful girl?
    I should thank you.
  724. Too bad she bleaches her hair...
    Makes her look like a whore.
  725. - Tell him about the car!
    - What happened?
  726. There was this girl...
  727. She sucked off six men -
  728. - and not a drop of cum on the floor.
  729. - Six men?
    - She swallowed it all.
  730. And after the last guy finishes,
    she's still sucking -
  731. - like she wanted more!
  732. Dear God, make our great
    organization a pillar of this nation.
  733. You know the price of the land?
    200 million dollars.
  734. I gave it to the birds.
  735. So they have a happy life.
    I'm also happy.
  736. Everybody's terrified of
    the paramilitaries.
  737. So, when a businessman wants
    land where people are living...
  738. if he just pays for it,
    it's expensive.
  739. But we can solve his problem.
  740. Because people are terrified of us,
    when we show up -
  741. - they say 'Just take the land.
    Pay what you like.'
  742. This is a rose.
  743. Very very limited.
  744. Elephant.
    This is very very limited.
  745. I buy these
    from every country I visit.
  746. Hungary
    2,250 dollars.
  747. You've cut off my head...
  748. You have to be furious,
    but also sad.
  749. You have to be angry sad.
  750. Look at your blood!
  751. Look what I found
    in your stomach!
  752. Look at this!
    Your liver.
  753. It's rotten!
  754. Even in make-up he looks like
    he's from Ethiopia!
  755. - Tanzania. Like Idi Amin.
    - Idi Amin Dada.
  756. Camera 3 on Citra!
    Close up on Citra for the opening.
  757. Everybody ready?
    Roll the leader!
  758. Indonesian National Television
    'Special Dialogue'
  759. Welcome back to Indonesian
    Television's Special Dialogue.
  760. Today we meet movie theater
    gangsters who are making a film -
  761. -to commemorate the
    crushing of the communists.
  762. We go straight to the perpetrator
    and star of the film, Anwar Congo!
  763. Let's welcome Anwar Congo!
  764. In those days movie theater
    gangsters were very well known.
  765. What's the origin of
    the word 'gangster'?
  766. Actually gangster comes
    from 'free men'.
  767. That's why we use
    a special song in our movie.
  768. A song called 'Born Free.'
  769. So you brought the communists
    straight to your office?
  770. Yes, and after we interrogated them,
    and decided they shouldn't be alive-
  771. - we had to kill them.
  772. And was your method of killing
    inspired by gangsterfilms?
  773. Sometimes!
  774. It's like...
  775. Amazing!
    He was inspired by films!
  776. Each genre had its own method.
    Like in mafia movies...
  777. ...they strangle the guy in
    the car and dump the body.
  778. So we did that too.
  779. Which means Anwar
    and his friends developed -
  780. - a new, more efficient system
    for exterminating communists.
  781. It was more humane, less sadistic,
    and avoided excessive violence...
  782. But you also just wiped them out!
  783. - How many people did he kill?
    - About 1000.
  784. How can he sleep?
    Isn't he haunted?
  785. - A lot of them went crazy.
    - Yeah.
  786. - No, they got rich.
    - Yeah.
  787. Rich from stealing.
  788. But killing all those people
    made them crazy too.
  789. But what’s the special meaning
    of this film for young people?
  790. Young people must remember
    their history.
  791. They must never forget.
    What's more...
  792. God must be against communists.
  793. Yes. God hates communists!
  794. That's why he's made
    this film so beautiful!
  795. According to General Sarwo Edhie
    2.5 million communists were killed.
  796. Why haven’t the victims'
    children ever tried to take revenge?
  797. It's not that they don't want
    to take revenge. They can't!
  798. Because we'd exterminate them all!
  799. This is the only film shoot to be
    visited by a government minister.
  800. He's coming here just for you,
    to motivate and support you!
  801. You should be proud!
  802. The whole world will see this.
    London, England!
  803. Forget Jakarta.
    Jakarta is nothing!
  804. Wow! All the killers are here!
  805. Just improvise
    and express your anger.
  806. Scream, 'Crush the communists!'
  807. - Crush the communists!
    - Wipe them out!
  808. Okay let’s try it.
  809. Attack on Kampung Kolam. Take 1.
  810. Don't let any communists escape!
  811. Kill! Kill!
    Kill the communists!
  812. Slaughterthem!
  813. Are you ready to attack?
  814. Take no prisoners!
    Destroy them all!
  815. Burn down their houses!
  816. Kill the communists!
    Chop them up!
  817. Exterminate them to their roots!
  818. Chop off their heads
    Burn them! Kill them all!
  819. Kill! Kill!
  820. Cut! Cut! Cut!
  821. Joshua and crew, now I'm speaking
    as a leader of Pancasila Youth.
  822. What we’ve just shown is not
    characteristic of our organization.
  823. We shouldn't look brutal,
    like we want to drink people's blood.
  824. That's dangerous
    for our organization's image.
  825. But we must exterminate
    the communists.
  826. We must totally
    wipe them out-
  827. - but in a more humane way.
  828. What we just filmed,
    I felt awful...
  829. Especially with my image
    right in the middle of it!
  830. OK, Joshua?
  831. This is the true story
    That's what we all want, right?
  832. Sure. Sure.
  833. You know, what we just filmed...
  834. Don't erase it! Use it to show
    how ferocious we can be!
  835. In fact, we can even be worse!
  836. So, think of it as
    a simulation of our rage -
  837. - if anyone disturbs our country
  838. If they're pretty I'd rape them all.
  839. Especially back then,
    when we were the law.
  840. Fuck 'em!
  841. Fuck the shit
    out of everyone I meet.
  842. Are you a communist woman?
  843. What are you hiding there?
  844. That’s the spirit!
  845. Especially if you get one
    who's only 14 years old.
  846. Delicious!
  847. I'd say it's gonna be hell for you
    but heaven on earth for me.
  848. Keep struggling.
  849. No one wants to be tortured, right?
  850. If you can save yourself,
    you should.
  851. And if you can
    run away go ahead!
  852. Attention everybody!
  853. While you're acting,
    remember the cameras!
  854. Ladies, think positively
  855. if you think positively -
  856. - your acting will be great
    and the scene will succeed.
  857. Positive! Think positive!
  858. Kill them all!
  859. Catch him!
  860. Cut! Cut! Cut!
  861. Bakti! Bring water!
  862. Let her rest.
  863. Febby your acting was great.
    But stop crying.
  864. You're embarassing me.
    Film stars only cry for a moment.
  865. What I regret... Honestly I never
    expected it would look this awful.
  866. My friends kept telling me
    to act more sadistic -
  867. - but then I saw
    the women and children.
  868. Imagine those children's future.
  869. They've been tortured...
  870. Now their houses
    will be burned down...
  871. What future do they have?
  872. They will curse us
    for the rest of their lives.
  873. This was so very very very..
  874. When you say 'karma'...
  875. What does it mean for you?
    What are you afraid of?
  876. Karma is like a law of nature.
  877. A law straight from God.
  878. Imagine, in all this darkness -
  879. - it's like we're living
    at the end of the world.
  880. We look around...
    There's only darkness.
  881. It's so very terrifying.
  882. Hit the table.
    To frighten me.
  883. Start by hitting the table. Hard.
  884. Trying to ban American films
    in Indonesia?
  885. What are you trying to do?
  886. Shut up!
  887. - What are you trying to do?
    - Please, sir..
  888. Don't get friendly with me!
    We're not friends!
  889. Answer the questions!
  890. Hurry up
    or I'll break your legs!
  891. Dana, ask!
  892. Besides Titi Kuning,
    where else are you active?
  893. - Hamparan Perak.
    - A real big communist.
  894. Quick! Don't waste our time!
  895. Lift up your hand
    or I'll cut it off.
  896. Hey look! Gold!
  897. Take off your watch.
  898. Put it on the table.
    What else do you have?
  899. A ring? Gold?
  900. Talk or I cut your face.
  901. - Talk.
    - Tell us everything!
  902. - Please, don't...
    - I won't, but you talk!
  903. Talk...
  904. Cut.
  905. Okay let's do it.
  906. I place this medal
    around your neck.
  907. - Are you alright?
    - I can't do that again.
  908. Get him some water.
  909. Have some water.
  910. We shoved wood in their anus
    until they died.
  911. We crushed their necks
    with wood. We hung them.
  912. We strangled them with wire.
    We cut off their heads.
  913. We ran them over with cars.
  914. We were allowed to do it.
  915. And the proof is, we murdered
    people and were never punished.
  916. The people we killed... There's
    nothing to be done about it.
  917. They have to accept it.
  918. Maybel Im just trying to make
    myself feel better but it works:
  919. I've never felt guilty, never been
    depressed, never had nightmares.
  920. For executing me
    and sending me to heaven.
  921. I thank you a thousand
    times, for everything.
  922. This is great, Joshua.
    This is very good.
  923. I never imagined
    I could make something so great.
  924. One thing that makes me
    so proud -
  925. - is how the waterfall
    expresses such deep feelings!
  926. You know the scene
    where I'm strangled with wire?
  927. - Do you have it here?
    - Where you're strangled?
  928. Please put it on.
  929. Yan?
  930. I want him to watch this...
  931. - Yan?
    - He's in bed.
  932. Yan, watch the scene
    where grandpa is tortured and killed.
  933. Ami, come see grandpa beaten up
    and bleeding.
  934. But this is too violent.
  935. Watch this.
    Grandpa gets beaten up.
  936. Turn up the volume.
  937. But this is too violent, Anwar
    Are you sure?
  938. Yes, it's fine.
    Will you be scared, Yan?
  939. This is only a film...
    Look at that.
  940. Grandpa looks so sad,
    doesn't he, Yan?
  941. So scary
  942. it's so sad, isn't it?
    That's your grandpa.
  943. That's grandpa being
    beaten up by the fat guy.
  944. Grandpa's head is smashed.
  945. Did the people I tortured feel
    the way I do here?
  946. I can feel what the people
    I tortured felt.
  947. Because here my dignity
    has been destroyed...
  948. ...and then fear comes,
    right there and then.
  949. All the terror suddenly
    possessed my body
  950. it surrounded me,
    and possessed me.
  951. Actually the people you tortured
    felt far worse-
  952. - because you know it's only a film.
    They knew they were being killed.
  953. But I can feel it, Josh.
    Really I feel it.
  954. Or have I sinned?
  955. I did this to so many people, Josh.
  956. Is it all coming back to me?
  957. I really hope it won't.
    I don't want it to, Josh.
  958. This is where we tortured and
    killed the people we captured.
  959. I know it was wrong -
  960. - but I had to do it.
  961. This is...
  962. This is one of the easiest
    ways to take a human life.
  963. And this...
  964. This was used to take away..
  965. ...the human beings we killed.
  966. Because without this...
  967. ...maybe people would know.