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  1. If you start to add too many
    things to the order form,
  2. then the content can get
    cut off at the bottom.
  3. Like this could get
    pushed off the screen and
  4. then you wouldn't be able to see it.
  5. A vertical linear layout
    doesn't scroll if it extends
  6. beyond the edge of the screen.
  7. You need to add something specific
    in your app to make it vertically
  8. scrollable.
  9. This is a silly example, but I basically
    copied the views that we have in our
  10. layout and
    then pasted it right after each other.
  11. And you can see that even
    though there's more content
  12. beyond the edge of this screen,
    it still doesn't scroll.
  13. This is especially a common problem
    when you switch your phone to landscape
  14. mode and the screen is shorter
    compared to in portrait mode.
  15. That's where it'd be really
    convenient if this could scroll.
  16. And now I'll leave it to you
    to figure out how to do this.
  17. When you're done,
    you can describe how you did it here.
  18. You can write it with your feather
    quill, or just use your keyboard.