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  1. Great. Ahem.

  2. Dear Lindsey,
  3. Dear Lilly,
  4. Dear
  5. Bunny from long, long ago
  6. Dear me,
  7. What's up?
  8. This is a letter from your much older, cooler, better dressed self.
  9. I remember being you and I remember it being really really difficult.
  10. You're worried about a lot of things right now.
  11. The coarse black hair, the yellow skin,
  12. Your grades, your body,
  13. falling in love,
  14. dating, your body,
  15. the color of our skin or
  16. not feeling blackadent.
  17. You don't feel like you fit in anywhere now,
  18. There was this one really mean girl who would just bully me constantly.
  19. Some of the people you thought were your friends are going to write mean things about you and lie.
  20. The ones that push you around and don't make time, treat other people poorly.
  21. Grrrrrarrrrrg!
  22. But I wanted them to like me and I wanted to be more like them.
  23. 'I wish I could be like them'
  24. And it was just silly, because
  25. all those amazing different qualities you have, no one else has.
  26. Embrasse them, experience them.
  27. Don't follow the crowd and be who you want to be.
  28. Stop trying so hard to be someone you're not.
  29. Don't let anybody else
  30. try to bring you down or make you second-guess yourself.
  31. Stay who you are.
  32. It's ok to be different. It doesn't make you a bad person.
  33. There's not one person on the face of the planet who can replace YOU.
  34. You're gonna meet a version of yourself that you never knew existed.
  35. So don't stress out too much about how you look or how cool you are.
  36. Just go for it. Be unique. Yes!
  37. I mean look at you now, you're a huge weirdo, you're still different.
  38. People kinda like you!
  39. To go ahead, and mess up big.
  40. Failure is not the end of the world.
  41. Don't be afraid of being afraid.
  42. Just be strong and be confident.
  43. You are good enough.
  44. You always have been.
  45. You've got lots of energy, you're bursting with life.
  46. And you're gonna do whatever you want.
  47. But I have to say, the most important thing, is to just have fun.
  48. Don't forget to laugh.
  49. Even with your braces.
  50. Confidence is key.
  51. You are unique.
  52. You are great.
  53. You are...
  54. You are
  55. Magical.