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  1. In this unit I'm going to talk about how geometric objects are define for
  2. rendering. Along the way I'll discuss points, and vectors and how these get used
  3. in computer graphics. Let's dive right in, there are two distinctive
  4. mathematical objects that we use in computer graphics all the time points, and
  5. vectors. I'm going to focus on the 3D aspect since that's what we commonly use
  6. 3D computer graphics. Working in 2 dimensions is similar, 3D is just 50% more
  7. interesting. To start, we'll define a 3D point as a location in space. A 3D
  8. vector defines a direction in space. A location in space has to be defined with
  9. respect to something else. For example on the earth we define a location in
  10. terms of its latitude,longitude and altitude. This is a spherical coordinate
  11. system, in that the lines of latitude and longitude wrap around a sphere, the
  12. earth.