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  1. Now that you know about
    different types of ideas and
  2. how to find some of your own, it's time
    for your to brainstorm a lot of ideas.
  3. You want to generate many ideas so
  4. you can test them later to determine
    which one will be the best to pursue.
  5. To get in brainstorming mode,
  6. check out some of the links
    in the instructor notes.
  7. This brainstorming activity will
    take two minutes of your time
  8. Remember that at this point in
    the process there are no bad ideas and
  9. you shouldn't edit yourself.
  10. We'll get to refining your ideas next.
  11. For the first minutes, write down as
    many problems you personally want
  12. a solution for or you think someone
    else, or another company could use.
  13. If you don't have a physical timer,
    there are many timers available online.
  14. Then for the next minute,
    write down any ideas you have for
  15. solving those problems.
  16. Once you brainstorm,
    check this box to continue.