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Ep. #2 Test Stabilization on GoPro 4K Video

Big fail when using stabilization with iMovie, Final Cut, and Lock and Load; best results with Adobe Premier Pro CC 7 using built in stabilization.

4K, 15fps, Spot meter off.

I prefer the spot meter being on; some scenes with spot meter on (ep. #1) were very dark and probably would not use in a real video, but scenes with spot meter off were washed out and there were more washed out scenes with spot meter off then there were overly dark scenes with spot meter on. This is of course in the plastic case, I still believe that out of the case washed scenes would be much less, but this test was in the case to compare to ep #1.

4K at 15fps was much harder to stabilize but end results was much clearer then the 2K after stabilization in ep #1.

So from this test, it looks like I will be probably staying mostly in Premier Pro for my editing. And anything that I am speeding up I will use the 4K for sure. It still has a way to go before looking very good, though.

Next test will be a 2 hour bike ride time lapse at a frame every second, I will run out of space on my card before the ride is over, but will see if any kind of stabilization can be applied; my guess is NO, it seems the slower the frame rate the less it can be stabilized.
This is an observation I made in ep. #1 and it seems to be holding true when making ep. #2, and only one software packages was able to do anything with it at 15fps .