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Healing under fire! Ton's leg got healed... but later amputated!


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"Because Torben prayed for him and made him stand on his damaged leg, the leg is now amputated. He overruled the doctors advice." This is rumour that has been spread about Ton and his healing in January 2017. These rumours are part of a bigger agenda to attack Christians worldwide on Biblical truth, to pray for the sick and to cast out demons - to do what Jesus called us to do!

The truth is that Ton kept being checked by the doctor which noticed good improvement. The healing started but about 3 month later, a few accidents made progress stop, and then it went fast in the wrong way. The pain came back and eventually the only option left was amputation of the leg. Of course this is not the result everyone was hoping for, BUT... the miracle that Ton experienced, that his pain was gone and he could stand on his leg, and also that he lost his fear of water, led him to the decision that he wanted to follow Jesus and bury his old life in baptism. This event lead to them getting born again.

"We are in a way better position now then we were last year, even though Ton lost his leg.", say Ton's wife Mary-Ann.

Ton is also in the critical Danish documentary 'Guds bedste børn' (God's Best Children) on TV2 Denmark who don't show to true story of what happened.

See also this video that talks about the agenda against doing the will of God: