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    [background noise]
  2. Not Synced
    [is it too loud?]
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    [is it on now?] banjo playing music
  4. Not Synced
    banjo music louder
  5. Not Synced
    [STUDS] as far as an FMT audience is concerned
  6. Not Synced
    I think it's almost needless to tell you
  7. Not Synced
    who's banjo that is you're listening to
  8. Not Synced
    it's the banjo of the number one
  9. Not Synced
    five-string banjo picker in the country -
  10. Not Synced
    [PETE] Oh, go on!
  11. Not Synced
    [STUDS] - as far as we're concerned
  12. Not Synced
    the voice you recognize I imagine immediately
  13. Not Synced
    that's Pete Seeger
  14. Not Synced
    sitting up with us here
  15. Not Synced
    [PETE] You've got to quit being a disc
  16. Not Synced
    jockey for a change...I am not a number one banjo picker
  17. Not Synced
    in the first place, in any kind of art you can't say
  18. Not Synced
    the number can't say, how can you say so-and-so is the best pianist
  19. Not Synced
    in the world? He might be best to somebody, he might be worst
  20. Not Synced
    to somebody else {STUDS] Pete, I think it's this commercial life I'm leading [PETE] ...and as far as banjo
  21. Not Synced
    picking goes, there's a fellow down in West Virginnia who can just play
  22. Not Synced
    rings around me named Earl Scruggs. He's the king of the banjo pickers
  23. Not Synced
    as far as I'm concerned. [STUDS] It's about three years ago, Pete you mentioned the name of Earl Scruggs
  24. Not Synced
    you remember the record, uh, the tune that he played [PETE] Foggy mountain
  25. Not Synced
    Breakdown [SUDS] How'd that go? [PETE] He plays a very syncopated kinda style
  26. Not Synced
    [fast banjo picking music]
  27. Not Synced
    [STUDS] About how many songs would you say, this is just for statistical purposes, about how many songs [PETE] oh!
  28. Not Synced
    [STUDS] ...would you say you know? [PETE] I don't know, well, when I was in the Army, a fellow and I once sat down
  29. Not Synced
    and we wrote down all the songs that I knew . It was about
  30. Not Synced
    three or four hundred, but some of those I didn't know all the way through, and they included a lot
  31. Not Synced
    of popular songs and hymns and so on
  32. Not Synced
    Army songs, and I've learned maybe a couple hundred since then, but I forgot
  33. Not Synced
    forgotten a couple of hundred too, so I don't know. [STUDS] Well those you do know and those
  34. Not Synced
    you remember are enough to fill a number of books and albums, and on that subject
  35. Not Synced
    Pete, for the FMT audience, those who may be aware of it
  36. Not Synced
    uh, not the last time Pete was with us, but the time before that,Pete and Big Bill were guests of the Almanac
  37. Not Synced
    and Folkways got pretty excited about that session and that's gonna come out as an album shortly. You know anything about that Pete?
  38. Not Synced
    [PETE]Yeah, the drndest things come out on records these days, you buy this record and all you'll hear is Studs and
  39. Not Synced
    me and Big Bill talkin, and talkin and we play a tune [STUDS] -laughs-
  40. Not Synced
    and we interrupt the tune to talk some more
  41. Not Synced
    play a contrasting type of tune
  42. Not Synced
    [STUDS]Well what sort of
  43. Not Synced
    tune will you say hits you now, by the way Pete, it was about two weeks ago Dick Bennet was here in this very studio [PETE] Hey! [STUDS] we did the - we used the same technique
  44. Not Synced
    a stetfoot, sitting together, and uh,
  45. Not Synced
    remember we asked Dick and he asked to be remembered to you, of course
  46. Not Synced
    pretty fondly, Dick, play whatever comes to your mind while you're sitting here and it worked out pretty well
  47. Not Synced
    [PETE] Well, let me think (tuning banjo strings)
  48. Not Synced
    [PETE]I was down in southern Louisiana last onth
  49. Not Synced
    in a part of the country where manynpeople still speak French the descendents
  50. Not Synced
    of the 4000 French-Canadians
  51. Not Synced
    who were shipped down there two hundred years agoby the English [STUDS] The Acadiens?
  52. Not Synced
    [PETE] Maybe you remember, Longfellow's [STUDS]"Evangeline" [PETE That's right
  53. Not Synced
    well I was in the town where she's buried, of course, her real name was Emmaline
  54. Not Synced
    uh, and Longfellow, I think he changed her name when he wrote the story
  55. Not Synced
    about her, but (banjo) I was swapping
  56. Not Synced
    songs down there, and doggone if I didn't find they knew a lot of the same songs I knew
  57. Not Synced
    but with different words! For example, they had one that
  58. Not Synced
    went something like this. You know, they speaka funny variety of french, this is not Parisienne
  59. Not Synced
    French (sings, in Cajun French)
  60. Not Synced
    [PETE] You see it's a girl, she says "Where have you been?
  61. Not Synced
    my good husband, where have you been my good old man, you're the best drinker
  62. Not Synced
    in the country [STUDS] laughs [PETE] and he answers, I'm gonna
  63. Not Synced
    go out to get drunk" It goes on for about ten verses. Well you know
  64. Not Synced
    I recognized that melody, and when I heard the words it reminded me I heard