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  1. >> What's the sort of design process, I mean I've made my shock absorber
  2. designed it on my three d program and now what do I do, do I hit a button and
  3. send this to a printer or how's that really work? >> So most three d prints work
  4. off STL files or OBJ files and almost any 3D software program can export to STL
  5. or OBJ. So once you do that, then you can decide what kind of 3D printing is
  6. going to work best for you. Or maybe it's just what's accessible to you.
  7. Something like this was built on an SLA machine, which means it printed similar
  8. to a hot glue gun when printed, right? Where it's a, a hot piece of material
  9. coming through a hot head and printing out layer by layer and building that up.
  10. Where this one's great. Worst sound in the world but, yeah. >> [laugh] But it's
  11. flexible. >> Yeah. >> Pretty awesome. >> And what's really great about it is
  12. there's a billion ways to show people on screen your design and your idea, but
  13. most people don't really understand that until they can hold it in their hands
  14. and feel it. So, that's really the advent of 3D printing is when I can take this
  15. to my boss and say, look this is going to save us so much because of this
  16. design. Look at how much material, you know we've saved or, you know this is
  17. going to work so much better this way that's, that's kind of the glory of it.