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  1. ♪ theme music ♪
  2. (Derek) Welcome to Hope Sabbath School,
  3. an in-depth, interactive study
  4. of the Word of God.
  5. I'm so excited about this series
  6. on the book of Daniel.
  7. We're moving now into Daniel, chapter 7,
  8. From the Stormy Sea
  9. to the Clouds of Heaven.
  10. It's an exciting message; it's good news
  11. for the saints of the Most High God,
  12. and I'm glad you're with us.
  13. If you've missed anything in this series,
  14. go to our website, hopetv.org/hopess,
  15. and you can watch the entire series
  16. plus other series of great Bible studies.
  17. We're glad you're part
  18. of the journey with us.
  19. We'll pray you'll be blessed today.
  20. And welcome to the team, a great series.
  21. (Team) Amen.
  22. (Derek) Unbelievable. Many of you
  23. may be well studied in the book of Daniel,
  24. but are you learning some new things?
  25. (Team) Yes.
  26. (Derek) I am learning new things,
  27. and I'm looking forward to today's study.
  28. We're glad you're part of our study, too.
  29. By the way, we have
  30. a chapter-by-chapter series
  31. of Bible studies on Daniel and Revelation
  32. because they combine together.
  33. If you go to our website
  34. you can sign up and get
  35. a free series of Bible studies,
  36. Daniel and Revelation
  37. really connected together.
  38. Here are some emails from some
  39. of our Hope Sabbath School members
    around the world.
  40. From the island of Haiti,
  41. thanks for writing, Sineus,
  42. "Hello, Hope Sabbath School team!"
  43. (Team) Hello!
  44. (Derek) "Thank you for the way
  45. you help me understand the Bible
  46. and teach it better."
  47. (Team) Amen.
  48. (Derek) "May the Lord bless you every day
  49. and give each one of us
  50. the gift of salvation."
  51. Well, Sineus writes
  52. from "the first black country
  53. independent in the world," he says.
  54. Well, thanks, we know you're proud
  55. of your beautiful island there
    of Haiti, Sineus;
  56. thanks for writing to us.
  57. And we're glad you are
  58. not only learning the Word of God,
  59. but you're teaching
  60. the Word of God to others.
  61. Chinyama writes from Zambia.
  62. Lots of Hope Sabbath School members
    in Zambia,
  63. and actually probably more than a million
  64. Hope Sabbath School members,
    just in Zambia.
  65. "Greetings to the Hope
    Sabbath School team."
  66. (Team) Greetings!
  67. (Derek) "I wish to express my gratitude
  68. for the great work
  69. God is doing through you.
  70. What intrigues me the most
  71. is the ethnic diversity of your team."
  72. Take a look at each other.
  73. Yes, we don't all look the same.
  74. "It really gives me great joy
    to see people
  75. of different ethnic backgrounds
  76. mingling together without discrimination."
  77. (Team) Amen.
  78. (Derek) Amen! That's awesome, isn't it?
  79. "Your team demonstrates
  80. that we worship the same God
  81. regardless of the color of our skin."
  82. We might say, "Well, that's obvious."
  83. I mean, we're all part of God's family,
  84. but that is a message
  85. that we want to share, isn't it?
  86. We are a worldwide family.
  87. "I always download your videos every week,
  88. and they help me to understand
    the Bible better.
  89. God bless you; may He
  90. lift up His countenance on you
  91. and give you His peace."
  92. Well, Chinyama, thanks
  93. for writing to us from Zambia.
  94. And we're encouraged
  95. to remember what's important,
  96. and that is to lift up Jesus and His love
  97. for every nation, kindred,
    tongue and people.
  98. (Team) Amen.
  99. (Derek) Here is a precious note;
  100. this is a real note.
  101. This is a real note, not an email.
  102. It's sent from a donor couple
  103. in Washington in the United States;
  104. that's in the northwest part
  105. of the United States.
  106. It says, "I wrote to you,"
  107. one of the people of the couple,
  108. "I wrote to you by email sometime ago
  109. to express our gratitude for the blessings
  110. Hope Sabbath School is to us,
  111. an elderly couple.
  112. We have been watching
  113. for several months now
  114. and wanted to send a donation to help
  115. with the ministry of Hope Sabbath School.
  116. Each one of you shows the love of Jesus
  117. in your smiling face."
  118. (Team) Amen.
  119. (Derek) What do you say?
  120. Praise God, right? Praise God.
  121. "I wish we knew more
  122. about each one of you.
  123. May Hope Sabbath School
  124. keep blessing folks until Jesus comes,"
  125. and a gift of a thousand dollars
  126. to help the ministry
  127. of this global evangelistic media ministry
  128. called Hope Sabbath School.
  129. Thank you to you, wherever you are
  130. there in Washington, and to all
  131. of our donors from around the world.
  132. We're part of a great miracle of God.
  133. I think we've got one more note here,
    actually two.
  134. One from John Morris,
  135. same last name as me,
  136. a Ugandan who is in South Sudan.
  137. "My name is John from South Sudan,
  138. but I grew up in Uganda.
  139. I've been watching Hope Sabbath School
  140. for two months now.
  141. I became a Seventh-day Adventist Christian
  142. about 11 years ago
  143. but never discovered the joy
  144. that Hope Sabbath School gives me.
  145. I have been truly blessed by this program.
  146. I grew up on a difficult path;
  147. 14 of my 26 years I grew up
  148. without any parents
  149. or what you would call family.
  150. Hope Sabbath School has helped me
    discover myself.
  151. (Team) Amen.
  152. (Derek) And what is his self?
  153. A precious child of God, right?
  154. "My country, South Sudan,
  155. needs these messages.
  156. May God bless you."
  157. Well, John, thanks for writing
  158. to us from South Sudan.
  159. Isn't that amazing?
  160. Two hundred and twelve countries now,
  161. I think, around the world
  162. are accessing programming
  163. through our new suite of apps.
  164. And, by the way, if you haven't downloaded
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  166. And you can choose different languages
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  168. who speak other languages - truly amazing.
  169. One last note, from Nova Scotia in Canada,
  170. Laura writes, and Laura says,
  171. "Thank you for Hope Sabbath School.
  172. I'm so glad you're still teaching
  173. and hope that you'll be doing it
  174. for a long time to come.
  175. I learn so much from Hope Sabbath School,
  176. and I love the songs
  177. put together by your wife.
  178. She is so special," and I say Amen.
  179. (Team) Amen.
  180. (Derek) "I love listening
  181. for many years now,
  182. and I wish you could come
  183. and meet us in person.
  184. Well, God bless you and all
  185. Hope Sabbath School members
    around the world."
  186. Well, Laura, thanks for writing to us
  187. from Nova Scotia in Canada.
  188. And we actually would like to sing
  189. a song with you right now.
  190. It's taken from the book of Daniel.
  191. By the way, these are all Scripture songs,
  192. so that means word for word
  193. taken from the Scriptures.
  194. If you open your New King James Version
    of the Bible
  195. to Daniel 2, verses 20 to 23,
  196. you will see a prayer
  197. by the prophet Daniel.
  198. My wife put it to music.
  199. We're going to sing it right now.
  200. ♪ music ♪
  201. (Derek) You might say, "That was
  202. a few minutes we took
  203. to just sing that song,"
  204. but it's right out of the text.
  205. And something happened to me, Jonathan,
  206. when I was singing the last part,
  207. "Blessed be the name of God,"
  208. like this wave of joy and gratitude
  209. just washed over me.
  210. It was like God caught me by surprise.
  211. "Blessed be the name of God." Amen?
  212. (Team) Amen.
  213. (Derek) "Forever and ever."
  214. We're studying a great prophecy
  215. from Daniel, chapter 7, today,
  216. and we just want to pray
  217. the Holy Spirit will guide us,
  218. From the Stormy Sea
  219. to the Clouds of Heaven.
  220. We invite you to pray with us.
  221. Father in Heaven, thank You so much.
  222. You're a great and awesome God.
  223. You know what is in the darkness,
  224. and light dwells with you.
  225. We thank You that You will
  226. give us wisdom even today
  227. by Your Holy Spirit
  228. as we study Your Holy Word.
  229. May lives around the world
  230. be blessed now and forever.
  231. We pray in the holy name of Jesus. Amen.
  232. (Team) Amen.
  233. (Derek) Go to Daniel, chapter 7, together
  234. as we begin our study.
  235. It's an amazing revelation.
  236. And remember, "All Scripture is given
  237. by inspiration of God."
  238. So this isn't just Daniel's words
    about God,
  239. this is a revelation from God
  240. to the prophet Daniel.
  241. And, Rodney, would you
  242. begin our study today
  243. in Daniel, chapter 7,
  244. and whatever translation we have,
  245. we'll follow along with you,
  246. Daniel 7, the first seven verses.
  247. (Rodney) And I'm reading
  248. from the New King James Version:
  249. (Derek) I think I'd wake up
  250. in a cold sweat - whew!
  251. But notice verse 1.
  252. I want you to focus
  253. your attention on verse 1.
  254. What important insights do you see
  255. even in verse 1 that you think
  256. we should note before we
    move on? Jonathan?
  257. (Jonathan) This is Belshazzar
  258. who was the grandson of Nebuchadnezzar,
  259. and so this is a new time
    in the kingdom.
  260. And probably Daniel is wondering,
  261. like, "What is happening now?
  262. What is God doing?"
  263. And Nebuchadnezzar had gone
  264. through a bit of a conversion process
  265. of coming to know God, and now...
  266. (Derek) Actually a real conversion
    process, right, eventually.
  267. (Jonathan) Exactly, yeah.
  268. And so now this new king is here,
  269. and maybe it's a message for this king.
  270. (Derek) So it's important
  271. to realize chronologically
  272. that chapter 7 comes
  273. before chapter 5, right?
  274. It's after chapter 4,
  275. where Nebuchadnezzar finally is converted;
  276. his grandson is now on the throne,
  277. but it's not yet the handwriting
  278. on the wall that we see in Daniel 5, okay?
  279. So...what would we say?
  280. Linking it to a historical event,
  281. is that significant, Brittany?
  282. "The first year of the reign of..."?
  283. (Team) Belshazzar.
  284. (Derek) What's the significance
    of including that?
  285. I mean, why does that matter, anybody?
    Yes, Stephanie?
  286. (Stephanie) It sets the time.
  287. (Derek) Yeah, it's real history, right?
  288. It's not like, "Well, I think
    I had...," no, no.
  289. This is when it happened.
  290. What else do you notice
  291. in verse 1, though?
  292. I just noticed it while we were reading,
  293. that I think is rather significant.
  294. Anybody else, what do you see?
    Yes, Travis.
  295. (Travis) There is more information
    for this dream.
  296. (Derek) Ah, thank you!
  297. It says that he's going
  298. to write down the main facts.
  299. So, would you like to know
  300. what the rest of the story was?
  301. You'll have to wait
  302. until you get to the Kingdom
    of Heaven, right,
  303. because he just writes down
    the main facts.
  304. Apparently the things guided by...?
  305. (Team) The Holy Spirit.
  306. (Derek) ...the Holy Spirit of God,
  307. "Daniel, make sure you
  308. write down these main facts," okay?
  309. Now, let's talk about the dream itself.
  310. I don't know about you,
  311. but I think I would wake up with a sweat
  312. with these animals coming up.
  313. Why do you think God uses animals
  314. as symbols of kingdoms?
  315. In Daniel chapter 2 we had
  316. different metals, right,
    on an image. Brittany.
  317. (Brittany) I think it goes back
    to the history.
  318. When we look at archaeology,
  319. we find some of the same beasts
  320. used to represent those kingdoms.
  321. Like the lion with eagle's wings
  322. was used to represent Babylon.
  323. And we find that when we
  324. look back at the archaeology.
  325. So God was using something the people knew
  326. to help them understand.
  327. (Derek) Okay. Anybody else? Yeah, Nancy?
  328. (Nancy) It's also an excellent
    teaching tool,
  329. because imagine if you have to describe
  330. what a lion is like (powerful),
  331. but when he says lion,
  332. you know it's powerful.
  333. When he says leopard, you know it's fast.
  334. (Derek) And what is a leopard
    with extra wings,
  335. it's really fast, right?
  336. Because this is not, obviously,
    a literal animal, is it?
  337. It's symbolism. Kenneth?
  338. (Kenneth) And also all through cultures
  339. throughout the history of the earth,
  340. kingdoms represent their kingdom
    with an animal.
  341. (Derek) Okay, so we might ask
  342. Hope Sabbath School members,
  343. we might ask you to tell us what animal,
  344. and they might say,
  345. "Well, a horse for Mongolia,"
  346. or, "a bear for Russia."
  347. That's a good point.
  348. So, back to what Brittany was saying,
  349. we found archaeological evidence
  350. that would point, for example,
  351. to the winged lion for Babylon. Travis.
  352. (Travis) As we see these beasts,
  353. they're destroying and conquering
  354. and doing these things.
  355. And Jesus in the Bible
  356. is represented as a Lamb.
  357. So it kind of separates...
  358. Jesus gives Himself out of love,
  359. and these are conquering beasts.
  360. (Derek) But He's also a Lion
  361. of the tribe of Judah, right?
  362. So even there you've got...
  363. showing His sacrificial work,
  364. but also He is King of kings
  365. and Lord of lords, right?
  366. So, what parallels do you see
  367. between this vision, if you will,
  368. and the vision in chapter 2
  369. that was given to Nebuchadnezzar?
  370. Anybody, what parallels
    do you see? Harold?
  371. (Harold) They were kind of given
  372. in the same order
  373. in terms of the succeeding kingdoms.
  374. Like the first will be Babylon,
  375. and as Brittany mentioned,
  376. there is archaeological evidence
  377. that there was a lion with wings
  378. in the palaces of Babylonian kings,
  379. so we can say, "Oh, we can
  380. make that correlation."
  381. (Derek) You've got, very simply, too,
  382. you've got the four precious metals,
  383. Well, iron, I guess, was precious
  384. in that it was very strong,
  385. but gold, silver, bronze, and iron.
  386. And you've got these four animals.
  387. So you've got that parallel.
    Yes, Travis?
  388. (Travis) The rock comes
  389. and destroys the image,
  390. and we see God setting up His Kingdom.
  391. Actually, it destroys five things.
  392. It destroys gold, it destroys silver,
  393. it destroys bronze,
  394. and then the steel and the clay.
  395. And we see five elements
  396. that get destroyed also
  397. in Daniel, chapter 7.
  398. We see the lion, the leopard,
  399. you know, the beasts,
  400. and then little horn that gets destroyed.
  401. (Derek) So we're going to get
    a similar outcome.
  402. In fact, all of the prophecies
  403. go from present time
  404. to God's ultimate deliverance, right?
  405. So that historical development,
  406. which is what we call
  407. the historicist method of interpretation,
  408. This is sequential. Yes, Rodney?
  409. (Rodney) You also see a correlation
  410. in verse 7 with the iron teeth.
  411. So there's a reference there.
  412. (Derek) Even the metal.
  413. (Rodney) Even the metal coming in, yes.
  414. (Derek) All right. Yes, Rick,
  415. and then I want to talk about...
  416. Because Travis alluded to the fact
  417. that there's new information
  418. starting in verse 8,
  419. which isn't in the revelation
  420. given in Daniel 2. Rick?
  421. (Rick) It's interesting that Daniel 2
  422. is given to Nebuchadnezzar,
    the pagan king,
  423. and this one is given to Daniel himself.
  424. (Derek) Straight to the prophet.
  425. (Rick) And it does seem that God
    wants to give.
  426. It's so important; He wants to give
    a little extra information,
  427. and I think that's interesting to the king
    he gives the metals and the golden statue,
  428. which we relate to the idol of a king,
  429. and he, of course, went and made one.
  430. But here Daniel is given, like, organic;
  431. the natural animals are the symbols,
  432. so it's kind of interesting.
  433. (Derek) Natural and yet composite,
  434. so, you know, go, "What's
    a lion doing...?"
  435. It's not a real lion is it?
  436. It's a composite beast.
  437. Brittany, I'd like you to take us
  438. to verse 8 and verses 19 to 25, which talk
  439. now about another power Travis alluded to,
  440. a little horn, which is not mentioned
  441. at all in the revelation
  442. given in Daniel 2.
  443. (Brittany) I'll be reading
  444. from the New King James Version,
  445. Daniel, chapter 7, verse 8,
  446. and then 19 through 25:
  447. (Derek) Now, when the secrets
  448. of the book of Daniel began to be opened
  449. as Reformers, as they were called,
  450. began to study the Bible,
  451. which had been taken away,
  452. now being translated
  453. into their own languages
  454. at the risk of their own lives,
  455. they began to find a startling truth,
  456. and that is that the Christian church
  457. based in Rome, the papacy,
    seemed to fulfill
  458. all of the identifying characteristics
  459. of this little horn power.
  460. Now, that's troubling,
  461. because it's their church, right?
  462. Take Martin Luther, for example,
  463. who was a monk, right?
  464. This is his church.
  465. So he's trying to call
  466. the church back to the Bible.
  467. But what were some
  468. of the identifying characteristics
  469. that pointed to this actually being
  470. not just another political power
  471. but a political-religious power
  472. that was doing great harm?
  473. Let's just take one at a time.
  474. Rodney, what would you start with?
  475. (Rodney) "He shall speak pompous words
  476. against the Most High."
  477. (Derek) So that could possibly be
  478. a pagan kingdom, right,
  479. that would speak against God.
  480. They've done it before.
  481. But certainly there is a religious element
    to this power.
  482. What else, Rick?
  483. (Rick) It's interesting;
  484. it very specifically says
  485. this horn is different from the others.
  486. It says the others are kings,
  487. so this one can't be a king;
    it's different.
  488. (Derek) It's different.
  489. There's something about this Little Horn
  490. that's different from the ones before.
  491. Now this has come
  492. out of the collapsed Roman Empire, right,
    these ten horns.
  493. And then you've got this Little Horn.
  494. What else do you see? Travis?
  495. (Travis) I was just going to say
  496. we get a geographical location
  497. because the ten kings,
  498. we know that that was the Roman Empire.
  499. So we have a geographical location
  500. in the world where this little horn
    is coming from.
  501. (Derek) Some people might,
  502. going back to Daniel 2,
  503. say, "Well, the image had ten toes."
  504. But, I mean, everybody has ten toes
  505. unless they're deformed.
  506. But this is very specific.
  507. These are ten horns,
  508. and these ten horns are ten kings.
  509. So it's not just, well,
  510. everybody has ten horns, right?
  511. No it's very specific,
  512. and then the little one that grows up.
  513. What else did you see?
  514. We've got a lot of information. Evelyn?
  515. (Evelyn) I guess we could say
    it's a given
  516. that when a king comes to power
  517. they try to change laws
  518. and try to do everything in their favor.
  519. But what's interesting about this horn
  520. is that they're focused
  521. on changing the Law of God.
  522. So that's something very significant
  523. about this Little Horn.
  524. They're specifically attacking
  525. God's people and God's Law.
  526. (Derek) "Times and laws."
  527. What Laws of God deal with time?
  528. (Team) The Sabbath, the fourth.
  529. (Derek) Certainly the fourth one does.
    Any others?
  530. I suppose you could say
  531. the fifth one with, you know,
  532. you'll have a long life
  533. if you honor your parents.
  534. But really, "Remember the Sabbath day
    to keep it holy.
  535. Six days labor, but the..."?
  536. ...seventh day is the Sabbath.
  537. And it must have been shocking to some
  538. of these faithful followers of Jesus
  539. as they studied the Scriptures
  540. to say, "Well, that's exactly
  541. what our Church...," right?
  542. It's the Christian Church.
  543. It's not a pagan religious organization.
  544. They've changed times.
  545. Are there other laws that they changed?
  546. You say, "Well, doesn't one
  547. of the commandments say
  548. you should have no graven images
  549. and bow down to them?
  550. And yet their churches
  551. were full of images, right?
  552. They gave them Christian names, maybe,
  553. but this must have been a painful study.
  554. What else did you see here?
  555. It's not just one or two things.
  556. They began to see
  557. other identifying characteristics.
  558. (Harold) Where it says
  559. also that the Little Horn
  560. plucked out three horns out of the ten
  561. that grew up out of the beast,
    the fourth beast?
  562. There were three horns.
  563. So we have to look in history which horns
  564. because horns represents a king,
  565. which is tied to a kingdom,
  566. so in history this Little Horn
  567. had to have plucked three nations,
    or uprooted,
  568. and they are not on the map anymore.
  569. (Derek) And you see that fulfilled
    in history.
  570. Now, what that tells me,
  571. Rick said earlier it's different,
  572. and it is because it's a religious power,
  573. but apparently it has political
  574. and military power, too.
  575. You know, you can't pluck up kingdoms
  576. just by going to church.
  577. There's this kind of mixture
  578. of political, military
  579. and religious power. Travis?
  580. (Travis) And these kingdoms -
  581. the Heruli, the Ostrogoths,
    and the Vandals,
  582. they were the kingdoms
  583. that were plucked out -
  584. they were plucked out
  585. for religious reasons as well.
  586. So they weren't conquered
  587. just because they wanted that area
  588. and to move in and take over.
  589. They were plucked out to make way
  590. for the teachings of the church.
  591. (Derek) So, what about persecuting,
  592. They not only were a religious power,
  593. but it says they persecuted,
  594. not just pagan people
  595. but the saints of the Most High.
  596. Where do you see that
  597. fulfilled in history,
  598. persecuting the saints of the Most High?
  599. Kenneth, do you want to...?
  600. (Kenneth) During the time
    of the Dark Ages
  601. they were persecuting the faithful people
  602. who would not go by the way.
  603. It is very interesting to know
  604. that this kingdom started
    as a Little Horn
  605. unlike the previous kings.
  606. You know, you see a lion, you see this,
  607. but this one came as a Little Horn.
  608. So, like, initially you would
    not even suspect.
  609. But by the time it had become powerful...
  610. (Derek) It doesn't stay little, does it?
  611. What were some of the things
  612. they might be persecuted for?
  613. What does history tell us? Gladys?
  614. (Gladys) The Waldenses was one
  615. of the groups that were persecuted,
  616. and they were persecuted
  617. because they were focusing on the Bible.
  618. They were reading the Bible
  619. and teaching the Bible
  620. and making it accessible for people
  621. to understand the truth by themselves.
  622. And the Church was not agreeing with that
  623. because they were able
  624. to control the people
  625. by telling them what to believe.
  626. So they were persecuted for the truth.
  627. (Derek) Believing what the Bible taught,
  628. I think of John Hus also,
  629. who was martyred because he believed
  630. that people should have the Bible
  631. in their own language. Brittany?
  632. (Brittany) I think about Martin Luther
  633. and how he discovered what the Bible says,
  634. that we're saved by grace through faith.
  635. And the Church had a lot
  636. of different things that people had to do
    in order to earn salvation,
  637. at least in their mind.
  638. And so he was persecuted
    for this teaching,
  639. that you don't have to do
    all these things.
  640. You don't have to pay
  641. for your sins to be forgiven.
  642. You can go straight to God.
  643. (Derek) And one of the big challenges...
  644. By the way, let's be sensitive
  645. because this must have been painful
  646. to followers who are going,
  647. "What's happened to my Church?" right?
  648. And, of course, for Luther,
  649. one of the great challenges
  650. was this selling of indulgences,
  651. that you could pay
  652. and buy your way to Heaven.
  653. And something stuck as he
  654. read the Scripture
  655. and said, "That's not right.
  656. That's not how we're saved." Jonathan?
  657. (Jonathan) Along those lines,
  658. it almost seems like there is
  659. a concerted effort to replace
  660. some of the images of the sanctuary.
  661. You kind of change, transform,
    how prayer works.
  662. Instead of going directly to God,
  663. we go through another person.
  664. Instead of having our forgiveness
    directly from God,
  665. it is mediated through the specific bread
    you eat and these things.
  666. So it completely transforms
    this true worship,
  667. which the next chapter talks about.
  668. So, yeah, there's this huge persecution
  669. for anyone who didn't abide by that.
  670. (Derek) We've got to move on
  671. to the judgment scene because we've got
  672. definitely more information here,
    don't we,
  673. than we had in Daniel, chapter 2.
  674. So let's go back now
  675. to Daniel, chapter 7, verses 9 and 10,
  676. where we see a judgment seat set.
  677. Nicole, could you read that for us,
    verses 9 and 10?
  678. (Nicole) The New King James Version
  679. of Daniel 7, verses 9 and 10, says:
  680. (Derek) And back to verse 1,
  681. he wrote the main facts.
  682. What challenge do you think he had
  683. trying to write a description
    of this scene?
  684. (Nancy) He had nothing to compare it to.
  685. (Derek) He had nothing to compare it to.
  686. People say, "How many angels are there?
  687. Ten thousand times ten thousand and..."
  688. It's like, that's a lot of angels, right?
  689. Tens of thousands of angels there,
  690. and he's never seen
  691. anything like this before.
  692. This is clearly not talking
  693. about an earthly kingdom, is it?
  694. (Team) No.
  695. (Derek) So, his mind is focused
  696. on the heavenly Kingdom, this judgment.
  697. If you could keep reading for us, Evelyn,
  698. in verses 26 and 27 of the same chapter 7,
  699. still talking about this judgment scene.
  700. (Evelyn) And I'll be reading
  701. from the New King James Version:
  702. (Derek) If that's the only thing you got
  703. from the study of the book of Daniel -
  704. we want to go into greater depth -
  705. is that there are these powers
  706. that are not only contending
  707. for position on Earth,
  708. but actually persecuting
  709. the people of God, but that God wins.
  710. (Team) Yes.
  711. (Derek) I mean, that's the big picture,
  712. And as someone said,
  713. if God wins, then serve God, right?
  714. Follow God because He wins.
  715. That's important because we are
  716. going to look at a lot more information.
  717. We want to come to that reference
  718. in the judgment scene
  719. found in verses 13 and 14.
  720. And I'm going to ask Kenneth
  721. if you would read that for us
  722. in Daniel 7:13-14.
  723. (Kenneth) I'll be reading
  724. from the New King James Version,
    and it reads:
  725. (Derek) Before we talk
  726. about what this event is,
  727. let's pick up that title, Son of Man,
  728. "One like the Son of Man."
  729. Can you think of that title
  730. being used elsewhere? Rick?
  731. (Rick) Yeah, definitely in the Gospels.
  732. Jesus referred to Himself.
  733. (Derek) Let's look at a few of those.
  734. In fact, more than one time, right?
  735. Maybe you could start, Rick,
  736. in Matthew 8 and verse 20.
  737. Someone else look up Matthew 9, verse 6,
  738. and we'll look in Mark 13:24-27,
  739. Luke 9:26, and those are
  740. just a few that I wrote down.
  741. Let's start in Matthew 8, verse 20.
  742. (Rick) Sure, I'm reading
  743. from the New King James Version,
  744. Matthew 8, verse 20:
  745. (Derek) Why does He
  746. call Himself the Son of Man? Yes, Travis.
  747. (Travis) Well, because He's
  748. the incarnate Son of God.
  749. So He took on humanity,
  750. and He took on the sinful nature...
  751. (Derek) He became a real human being.
  752. (Travis) And could really be tempted.
  753. (Derek) I love what it says
    in John, chapter 1,
  754. "In the beginning was the Word, the Word
    was with God, the Word..."?
  755. (Derek, Team) "...was God."
  756. (Derek) And verse 14, "And the Word..."?
  757. (Derek, Team) "...became flesh..."
  758. (Derek) "...and dwelt among us,
    and we..."?
  759. (Derek, Team) "...beheld His glory..."
  760. (Derek) "...the glory
  761. as of the only begotten."
  762. So He is fully Son of God,
  763. but He's also Son of Man, all right?
  764. What about Matthew, chapter 9,
  765. and verse 6, Gladys?
  766. (Gladys) I'll be reading
  767. from the New International Version,
  768. Matthew, chapter 9, verse 6:
  769. (Derek) So, what do you learn there
  770. about the Son of Man?
  771. It's not just, "I'm going to call Myself
    Son of Man."
  772. (Gladys) He has authority.
  773. (Derek) He's the Son of God, right?
  774. This is what we call a messianic title,
    Son of Man.
  775. Look in Mark, chapter 13.
  776. Brittany, do you have that?
  777. Verses 24 through 27.
  778. You know, it's exciting, isn't it,
  779. to study the Bible.
  780. And you say, "Ah, that's why
  781. He's given this title, Son of Man."
  782. (Brittany) I'll be reading
  783. from the New King James Version,
  784. Mark, chapter 13, verses 24 through 27:
  785. (Derek) And that great event is the...?
  786. (Team) Second Coming.
  787. (Derek) Yeah, the glorious return
    of Jesus.
  788. We call it the Second Coming.
  789. First Coming was when He
  790. came as a baby, right,
  791. and then grew up, ministered,
  792. and died for our sins,
  793. rose again, ascended to Heaven.
  794. This is the second glorious coming,
  795. and He calls Himself..."?
  796. (Derek, Team) The Son of Man.
  797. (Derek) One last reference,
  798. Luke 9, verse 26, someone have that,
  799. would read it for us?
  800. Harold, Luke 9, verse 26.
  801. (Harold) Yes, and I'll be reading
  802. from the New King James Version,
    Luke 9, verse 26:
  803. (Derek) Son of Man, Son of God, right?
  804. And that role is crucially important.
  805. Travis, you alluded to it.
  806. In 1 Timothy Paul tells us,
  807. in chapter 2, verse 5,
  808. the special work of the Son of Man.
  809. It's why He's called Son of Man
  810. and not just always referred
    to as Son of God.
  811. What is that special work?
  812. Nancy, do you have that,
  813. 1 Timothy 2 and verse 5?
  814. (Nancy) And I'm reading
  815. from the New King James Version:
  816. (Derek) And people say, "Oh,
  817. it says He's just a man."
  818. No, He's Son of Man and also...?
  819. (Derek, Team) Son of God.
  820. (Derek) And He is the Mediator.
  821. Do you remember at the end of John 1
  822. where it says He's like the ladder,
  823. it connects Heaven and Earth, right,
  824. angels going up and down.
  825. That's a symbol, of course,
  826. but He's connecting Heaven and Earth
  827. so that we can find our way back to God.
  828. I just say Amen; it's a beautiful picture
    isn't it?
  829. Now, this coming of the Son of Man,
  830. it says with clouds.
  831. Go back to Daniel with us,
  832. to Daniel, chapter 7, verse 13.
  833. He comes with clouds
  834. to the Ancient of Days.
  835. Is that talking about the Second Coming
  836. of Jesus or another event?
  837. I see some heads moving. Jonathan?
  838. (Jonathan) I think it's pretty clear
  839. that it's happening
  840. in a specific time period, right,
  841. kind of after you have this time
  842. where the beast has said
  843. these pompous words,
  844. these things about the Most High.
  845. And then there's this response
    of the judgment,
  846. and it's in the context
  847. of that, that there is this coming
  848. of the Son of Man before He comes
  849. to receive His Kingdom.
  850. So He receives something
  851. in nature of the character and responding
  852. to the pompous words,
  853. but not the actual Second Coming
    of Christ.
  854. (Derek) And you're probably
  855. going to tell us we need
  856. to study Daniel, chapter 8 and 9
  857. to see the rest of that story.
  858. Travis, you want to add to that.
  859. (Travis) We've got to remember, too,
  860. that Daniel and Revelation both
  861. are highly symbolic.
  862. And so Jesus coming,
  863. we see Him coming with the clouds.
  864. We can get the interpretation
  865. that clouds can mean angels.
  866. So the Son of Man coming with angels
  867. to the judgment scene.
  868. (Derek) And, of course, He comes
  869. in glory at the end in the clouds,
  870. and it says with ten thousand
  871. times ten thousand.
  872. So those angels that we see
  873. at the judgment scene
  874. are going to come with Him
  875. when He comes in glory.
  876. It's going to be an amazing scene,
    don't you think,
  877. especially if we're...
  878. (Gladys) The redeemed.
  879. (Derek) Yeah, we've accepted Him
    as our Savior,
  880. and we go, "This is our God.
  881. We've waited for Him,
  882. and He will save us," right?
  883. That's the prayer for each one, isn't it?
  884. That we will welcome Him with joy.
  885. (Derek) So, tell me some other Scriptures.
  886. Jonathan, I think you're absolutely right,
  887. that this is a judgment scene,
  888. and the Son of Man,
  889. who is none other than the Son of God
  890. who became flesh, Jesus our Savior.
  891. He has a key role in this judgment.
  892. Is there any other Scripture
  893. that would reinforce that, Brittany,
  894. that Jesus, Son of Man, Son of God,
  895. has an important role in the judgment?
  896. (Brittany) There are many Scriptures
  897. that talk about how He is our Judge,
  898. He is our Advocate, He is our Witness.
  899. And one of them is in John,
  900. chapter 5, verse 22.
  901. (Derek) Okay, let's take a look.
  902. Actually, John 5 has quite a bit
  903. about the end judgment
  904. and about the resurrection
  905. when Jesus comes, too.
  906. Let's look at verse 22
  907. of John, chapter 5, then.
  908. (Brittany) I'll be reading
  909. from the New King James Version,
  910. John, chapter 5, verse 22:
  911. (Derek) Why do you think that is?
  912. Rick? I mean, the Father
  913. could certainly do the judgment, right?
  914. Father, Son and Holy Spirit, one God,
  915. so why would the Father say...?
  916. (Rick) I think because He's
    the Son of Man.
  917. He's walked in our shoes.
  918. He can judge fairly.
  919. He knows what it's like to be human.
  920. (Derek) But don't you think
  921. the Father could judge fairly, too?
  922. So for whose benefit is it?
  923. (Derek, Team) Ours.
  924. (Derek) Because, and Brittany
  925. alluded to this beautiful truth,
  926. there's another verse in Scripture
  927. that says He's not only our Judge,
  928. but He's also our Advocate.
  929. What is "Advocate"?
  930. It's like our attorney, right?
  931. Where is that verse found?
  932. Anybody know where it's found?
  933. (Stephanie) First John 2.
  934. (Derek) First John, Stephanie, chapter 2?
  935. Chapter 1 tells us, if we
  936. confess our sins (1 John 1, verse 9),
  937. He's faithful and just to...?
  938. (Derek, Team) Forgive us.
  939. (Derek) By the way, we need that
    if we're going to stand
  940. in the judgment, right?
  941. We need forgiveness; we need a Savior.
  942. But read for us 1 John 2 and verse 1.
  943. Maybe verses 1 to 3, if you would,
    Thank you.
  944. (Stephanie) I'll be reading
  945. from the King James Version:
  946. (Derek) So, if He's the One
  947. who makes the atonement
  948. for the sins of the whole world,
  949. does that mean, Evelyn,
  950. that everyone can be saved?
  951. (Evelyn) Yes.
  952. (Derek) She said yes. Anybody agree
    or disagree?
  953. Everyone can be saved,
  954. so why isn't everybody saved?
  955. Because if I read the companion book
    of Revelation,
  956. there are people crying
  957. for rocks to fall on them
  958. rather than welcoming Jesus
    with joy. Gladys?
  959. (Gladys) Because you have to accept.
  960. Salvation is a gift that has
  961. already been paid for,
  962. but you have to accept it
  963. in order to receive it.
  964. (Derek) I'm thinking of another verse
  965. that says, "Everyone who calls
  966. on the name of the Lord shall be saved."
  967. Is it that simple? "Jesus, save me."
  968. "Jesus, save me?" Jonathan?
  969. (Jonathan) I'm thinking of John 3:19,
  970. "This is the judgment,
  971. light has come into the world,
  972. but men have chosen darkness
    rather than light."
  973. So Christ came as this light
  974. bringing these truths,
  975. bringing this picture of a loving God
  976. and of the reality of life lived out
  977. according to God's pattern.
  978. And we choose that or we reject it.
  979. (Derek) And the tragic thing
  980. that you quoted from John 3,
  981. it says, "They loved darkness
    rather than light,"
  982. and Jesus is the light of the world!
  983. They loved darkness,
  984. and the ultimate personification
    of darkness is...?
  985. (Derek, Team) Satan.
  986. (Derek) And his kingdom,
  987. It's startling that people would love
  988. darkness rather than love light.
    Yes, Rodney?
  989. (Rodney) I'm just delighted
  990. that we have this hope in Jesus.
  991. We have an advocate, and that's why we do
  992. Hope Sabbath School.
  993. We want the world to know
  994. that you, too, can be saved.
  995. It's an amazing promise from Jesus.
  996. (Derek) From every nation,
  997. kindred, tongue and people.
  998. Yes, even from Great Britain,
  999. where I come from, right?
  1000. Praise God! There is no on excluded
  1001. who calls upon the name
    of the Lord, right? Rick?
  1002. (Rick) And we saw it even in Daniel
  1003. with Nebuchadnezzar, a king
  1004. that was so full of himself,
  1005. and, "Look at this great kingdom."
  1006. And God, in His love, humbled him,
  1007. and all he had to do was look to heaven,
  1008. and God saved him; it's amazing...
  1009. (Derek) I think we'll have
  1010. some surprises when we get
  1011. to the Kingdom of Heaven.
  1012. One of my favorite preachers once said
  1013. the first surprise is that we made it
  1014. by the grace of God.
  1015. But there'll be some people
  1016. that we say, "Really?"
  1017. Of course, the Bible tells us
  1018. about the repentance of Nebuchadnezzar.
  1019. It tells us about the repentance
  1020. of a thief dying on a cross next to Jesus.
  1021. But there may be some stories
    not recorded,
  1022. and we're like, "How did YOU get here?!"
  1023. And what's the answer?
  1024. (Team) By the grace of God.
  1025. (Derek) "The same way you did,
  1026. by the grace of God."
  1027. So, let's take a look, then,
  1028. at this judgment, which is not
  1029. only a judgment against
  1030. the Little Horn power
  1031. and all that confederation
  1032. that is opposing God,
  1033. but it's a judgment in favor
  1034. of the saints of the Most High.
  1035. Let's go to Daniel, chapter 7,
  1036. and let's take a look first
  1037. at verse 21 and 25.
  1038. And I'm going to ask Rodney
  1039. if you'd read that for us.
  1040. Verse 21 and 25, and I'm
  1041. only passing over it
  1042. because the middle part
  1043. talks about in favor of the saints.
  1044. (Rick) And I'm reading
  1045. from the New King James Version:
  1046. (Derek) Now, if that's the only Scripture,
    Nicole, we had,
  1047. that would be what?
  1048. Devastating, yeah, it would be
  1049. more than depressing, right?
  1050. But the fact that a judgment is coming,
  1051. what does that do for us?
  1052. (Team Member) Gives us hope.
  1053. (Derek) Gives us hope.
  1054. (Evelyn) Shows us that God is fair.
  1055. (Derek) Shows us that God is fair.
  1056. By the way, to this same power,
  1057. you read Revelation (we should study
  1058. both books together, right),
  1059. "Come out of her..."?
  1060. (Derek, Team) "...My people."
  1061. (Derek) And that's what the Reformation
  1062. and the ongoing Reformation is all about.
  1063. We're not throwing rocks.
  1064. We're just saying, while there's
    still time,
  1065. hear the appeal of God
  1066. to follow the Word of God
  1067. rather than the traditions
    of people, right,
  1068. which may sound religious,
  1069. but are they based
  1070. on the clear teaching
  1071. of the Word of God?
  1072. And the most fundamental teaching
  1073. is how we're saved, right?
  1074. Are we saved by religious works,
    by paying money?
  1075. Are we saved by the amazing grace of God
  1076. who loves us? Rodney?
  1077. (Rodney) It means it's time for us
  1078. to get to know this Jesus,
  1079. not about Him but to get to know Him,
  1080. to have that deep connected relationship
    with Him
  1081. because He's our Advocate,
  1082. and it's time for us to prepare.
  1083. (Derek) So let's go
  1084. to verses 21 and 22, 27,
  1085. and then I'll drop back to verse 18
  1086. because there are several
  1087. that talk about the judgment
  1088. in favor of the saints.
  1089. And, Nancy, would you read that for us?
  1090. Verses 21, 22, 27 and then back
    in verse 18.
  1091. (Nancy) Okay, so I'm reading
  1092. from the New King James Version:
  1093. And now 27:
  1094. And 18:
  1095. (Derek) Did you get it?
  1096. There are people being persecuted today
  1097. for being faithful to the Word of God.
  1098. Some of them are being persecuted,
  1099. I'm sure, by pagan or secular powers.
  1100. But, by the way, even pagan
  1101. or secular powers have
  1102. a religious perspective,
  1103. even if it's that, "I'm God,
  1104. and there's nobody else," right?
  1105. So they have a perspective.
  1106. What important message
  1107. does the book of Daniel, chapter 7, bring
  1108. for those who may even today,
  1109. maybe some watching today in secret
  1110. on their app, you know
  1111. on their smartphone, watching,
  1112. and they're going, "This is really bad."
  1113. You know, "We are suffering
  1114. just because we want to follow the Bible,
  1115. and we want to be followers of Jesus."
    Yes, Gladys?
  1116. (Gladys) We read the end of the story,
    and God wins.
  1117. (Derek) God wins?
  1118. (Gladys) God wins.
  1119. (Derek) And the Kingdom?
  1120. (Gladys) The Kingdom will be
  1121. of His people forever and ever.
  1122. His Kingdom will never be destroyed.
  1123. (Derek) And how many
  1124. does He want in that Kingdom?
  1125. (Team) All of us!
  1126. (Derek) Yeah, unless you think,
  1127. "Oh, you're being elitist," no.
  1128. He wants all of them there, right,
  1129. who will choose to accept
    His salvation. Harold?
  1130. (Harold) I just want, if it's possible,
  1131. to read a verse from 2 Peter,
  1132. chapter 3, verses 8 and 9,
  1133. regarding God's longsuffering.
  1134. (Derek) It's a beautiful passage.
  1135. Why don't you take us there.
  1136. What translation of the Bible do you have?
  1137. (Harold) I have the New
    King James Version.
  1138. (Derek) And 2 Peter, chapter 3,
    verses 8 and 9.
  1139. Right after that it says,
  1140. "But the day of the Lord will come,
  1141. and the elements are going
  1142. to melt with fervent heat."
  1143. So, this final judgment,
  1144. the end of all things,
  1145. and then, of course
  1146. verse 13 of that chapter,
  1147. a new heavens and a new earth
  1148. where righteousness dwells.
  1149. I love that because there are places now
  1150. where righteousness
  1151. is not dwelling, right?
  1152. But you're reading verses 8
  1153. and 9 of 2 Peter 3.
  1154. (Harold) Correct, and it reads:
  1155. (Derek) So, the mercy of God
  1156. wanting everyone to repent.
  1157. And repentance means what?
  1158. What does that mean?
  1159. It doesn't mean paying money, right?
  1160. (Gladys) Turning back to God.
  1161. (Derek) Turning toward God,
  1162. away from darkness to...?
  1163. (Team) Light.
  1164. (Derek) The light of Jesus, right?
  1165. Now, the Apostle Paul,
  1166. maybe he read the book of Daniel
  1167. about the saints of the Most High
  1168. and the persecution.
  1169. Even in his day in the pagan Roman Empire,
  1170. there was persecution, right?
  1171. (Team) Yes.
  1172. (Derek) What were some things
    that he suffered
  1173. just for being a follower of Jesus?
  1174. (Gladys) He was flogged, stoned.
  1175. (Derek) Left for dead, yes, imprisoned.
  1176. Yeah, he was...what do you call it
  1177. when everywhere you go they persecute you?
  1178. (Team) A fugitive.
  1179. (Derek) He was like a fugitive,
  1180. but everywhere he went
  1181. he told people about Jesus, right?
  1182. So he had experienced a lot
  1183. of hardship in his own life.
  1184. And yet I want you to notice
  1185. his testimony in the book of Romans,
  1186. chapter 8, verses 35 and 37 to 39,
  1187. because apparently he didn't say,
  1188. he did not say, hear me carefully,
  1189. "God must not love me
  1190. because I'm suffering here."
  1191. He had a hope, like Rodney mentioned,
  1192. that was beyond his present journey,
  1193. So let's take a look.
  1194. Gladys, could you read for us?
  1195. Romans, chapter 8, let's look at verse 35
  1196. and then 37 to 39.
  1197. (Gladys) I'm reading
  1198. from the New International Version,
  1199. Romans, chapter 8, verse 35,
  1200. and then 37 through 39:
  1201. (Derek) I imagine him getting excited
  1202. as he's saying, "Not this
  1203. or this or this," you know.
  1204. Nothing can separate us,
  1205. and he had experienced
  1206. some of those hardships, hadn't he?
  1207. Now, in that same chapter of Romans,
  1208. he tells us a mystery in verse 28.
  1209. Stephanie, could you read that for us?
  1210. It's a mystery, and I want you
  1211. to apply that to what we've learned
  1212. about what the saints
  1213. of the Most High God are going through
  1214. in the prophecy of Daniel 7.
  1215. (Stephanie) and I'll be reading
  1216. from the King James Version,
  1217. Romans 8, verse 28:
  1218. (Derek) So, let's go back, Rick.
  1219. Let's go back; you mentioned
  1220. about Shadrach, Meshach,
  1221. and Abed-Nego, Daniel 3.
  1222. What good did God bring
  1223. out of that bad situation?
  1224. What's the first obvious thing He did?
  1225. (Rick) The first obvious thing
  1226. is He showed up in their persecution,
    in their challenge,
  1227. and I love that point.
  1228. But then, of course, He's a witness.
  1229. I mean, He used these people
  1230. being persecuted to be a witness,
  1231. and others were converted.
  1232. (Derek) We know at least one,
  1233. King Nebuchadnezzar.
  1234. It took a little while and seven years
  1235. crawling around in the field, but yes.
  1236. So God worked good
  1237. out of that situation.
  1238. Can you think of any other narratives
  1239. where a person's persecution
  1240. led to something good,
  1241. even though what happened
    wasn't good? Brittany?
  1242. (Brittany) I think of Stephen
    being stoned
  1243. and how Saul, who then became Paul,
  1244. later was converted,
  1245. and I believe it was partly
  1246. because of Stephen's testimony
    and his witness.
  1247. (Derek) I have no doubt
  1248. it was a key part of that, wasn't it?
  1249. Because one of the last things
  1250. that Stephen says is,
  1251. "Do not lay this sin against them,"
  1252. or to their charge, right?
  1253. So he was like Jesus saying,
  1254. "Father forgive them;
  1255. they don't know what they do."
    Yes, Travis?
  1256. (Travis) I think of the story of Jonah.
  1257. Jonah gets thrown off the ship,
  1258. the seas calm down,
  1259. and whole ship becomes converted.
  1260. God just can work through troubles...
  1261. (Derek) We hope the ship was converted.
  1262. But maybe some were; we don't know.
  1263. They certainly saw the power of God
  1264. working in difficult situations.
  1265. I want to talk to you,
  1266. Hope Sabbath School family.
  1267. Maybe you're going through
  1268. a time of persecution,
  1269. not just difficult but persecution.
  1270. And I want to assure you
  1271. from the book of Daniel, chapter 7,
  1272. that God is with you in this time.
  1273. In fact, He not only wants to save you
  1274. that you may inherit His Kingdom,
  1275. He wants to work good even in the midst
  1276. of this bad situation.
  1277. Isn't He a great and awesome God?
  1278. And we have discovered
  1279. that He's calling all,
  1280. even those who maybe have found themselves
  1281. in systems that have
  1282. taken a stance against God.
  1283. He's calling us all
  1284. to accept His salvation and to be ready
  1285. for that glorious appearing
  1286. of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ.
  1287. Let's pray that we can experience
  1288. that salvation even today.
  1289. Father in Heaven, thank You
  1290. for the powerful prophecy
  1291. in Daniel, chapter 7,
  1292. and the assurance that You
  1293. work out Your purpose
  1294. to call all to salvation,
  1295. desiring that everyone would accept.
  1296. We know not everyone will,
  1297. but thank You that we had
  1298. a choice to accept,
  1299. and others will have a choice as well,
  1300. even from the message today.
  1301. In Jesus' name. Amen.
  1302. (Team) Amen.
  1303. (Derek) Thanks for joining us
  1304. for Hope Sabbath School.
  1305. Someone needs to hear about a God
  1306. who loves them with an everlasting love,
  1307. so go out and share that good news
  1308. with those around you.
  1309. ♪ theme music ♪