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  1. Here I've recopied the grammar.
  2. I've abbreviated the non-terminals a bit.
  3. Subject became subj, and probably whether or not these are upper
  4. or lower case has been a little iffy.
  5. Let's allow all of those details for now.
  6. I don't care about case.
  7. We just care about the concepts in grammar.
  8. And now down here I've written 6 possible utterances:
  9. students think, teachers write, plus 4 more.
  10. It's quiz time.
  11. In this multiple, multiple choice quiz,
  12. I'd like you to identify which of these 6 utterances
  13. could be derived using this grammar starting from sentence.
  14. And again, don't worry about exact spelling or upper or lower case.