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  1. Share these flocking dances
    and provide students with the opportunity
  2. to give their peers feedback,
    based on what they've observed
  3. and based on the criteria
    that are posted.
  4. We did remember that
    we're looking at these criteria
  5. to think about what
    we're going to say to them.
  6. Okay. After they're done.
  7. So think about what things
    you might say to them
  8. to help them improve the next time.
  9. ♪ (music) ♪
  10. (applause)
  11. Very nice!
  12. All right! Do you have
    any comments for them?
  13. They had...
  14. - Did you see sharp movements?
    - Yes.
  15. - Did you see smooth movements?
    - (children) Yes. No.
  16. Not as much. I didn't see...
  17. I thought Max was a bit smoother.
  18. The one where Max
    was a leader was a bit smoother.
  19. Maybe if they were going to keep going,
  20. they could work on adding
    a little more smooth.
  21. Did they have locomotor
    and non-locomotor movements?
  22. - Yes.
    - Yeah.
  23. - And was it in unison?
    - Yes.
  24. - And did it have a clear ending?
    - Yes.
  25. Yeah, so they did a really great job.
  26. Plus, they had levels
    which I hadn't written down there.
  27. But that would be another good criterion
  28. because we had worked
    on that during the week too.
  29. ♪ (music) ♪
  30. (applause)
  31. Very nice.
  32. All right. Do we have
    any feedback for them?
  33. I really liked how they were in unison,
  34. and they knew what they were doing,
  35. and how they really looked nice
    on their performance.
  36. I think they could've added
    more locomotor movements.
  37. So they could get
    more locomotor movements.
  38. The only locomotor movement
    was a little spin they did
  39. when they changed spots.
  40. So maybe something that--
  41. Maybe there's another section
    you could add.
  42. At the conclusion of the Unit,
    provide students with an opportunity
  43. to give you feedback
    on their experience in the Unit.