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  1. (Dragon's shrieks)
  2. The people love their king.
  3. They know I saved the city. They know I won the war.
  4. The war's not won
  5. It's tempting to see your enemies as evil
  6. but there's good and evil on both sides in every war ever fought.
  7. They have a choice. They can live in my new world or they can die in their old one.
  8. Things are a bit tense right now.
  9. ...I don't think I'm taking my way out of this one.
  10. The Wildlings breach the wall to roll over everything and everyone.
  11. Given the opportunity, what do we do to those who've hurt the one we love?
  12. I want to know which side you're on.
  13. This Spring
  14. Tell your father I'm here.
  15. I'll tell him the Lannisters aren't the only one who pay their debts.
  16. The new season.
  17. You'll fight over him like beasts until your tear him apart!
  18. I will burn our house to the ground before I let that happen!
  19. Begins
  20. Brothers!
  21. Tonight we fight!
  22. There's only one hell.
  23. The one we live in now.
  24. Game of Thrones
  25. If you want justice,
  26. you've come to the wrong place.
  27. Premieres Sunday, April 9, 9pm/8c
  28. Captions by Ana I. Gonzálvez-Vega