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  1. An easier model for rendering is the Pinhole Camera. With a Pinhole camera, you
  2. put a piece of photographic film at one end of a box and poke a hole in the
  3. other end, then you cover up this hole. You do this in the dark so that the film
  4. was not exposed to light. Of course, just about no ones uses film anymore, but
  5. I'll assume you have some idea how camera film works. To take a photo, you point
  6. the camera, open the hole for a short amount of time. Then go back to the dark
  7. room and develop the film. With the Pinhole camera, the light coming in from one
  8. direction is detected by a single location on the flat rectangle of the film.
  9. Put these differing light contributions together, and you get a picture. Most
  10. cameras work the same way. They may have more complex lense systems, but they
  11. gather light in a similar manner with the image projected behind the lense. We
  12. often simplify and think of our eyes as elaborate cameras that send images
  13. directly to our brains. It's better to think about the eye as part of our visual
  14. system, since ultimately it's the brains interpretation of the data that
  15. matters.