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  1. Now it's time for
    you to think about a product idea.
  2. One you'll use throughout
    the rest of this course.
  3. >> Yeah and
    if you don't have an idea already,
  4. think about problems in your
    life that you want to solve.
  5. If nothing comes in mind
    check out requests for
  6. startups in the instructor notes.
  7. Is there an industry that
    you always think about?
  8. You can also observe others and their
    work and talk to them about the problems
  9. that they face or
    the problems that there companies face.
  10. The best problems to address are those
    that you have personal experiences with.
  11. Your commitment to finding a solution
    will be that much stronger and
  12. it will be the one thing that keeps
    you going through the crazy highs and
  13. the crazy lows of building a company.
  14. >> It's a key idea to make sure
    that you're building something
  15. that solves a real problem.
  16. Yeah, for example Apoorva Mehta, the
    founder of Instacart and his cofounder.
  17. They spent a year and a half trying to
    build a social network for lawyers,
  18. without realizing one cardinal
    truth about the space.
  19. And that's that,
    lawyers don't like to share.
  20. Apoorva eventually solved
    a different problem.
  21. And it was one that he always thought
    was a personal pain, grocery shopping.
  22. He realized that his friends were
    willing to use the app that he built,
  23. and it was unlike so
    many of his other products.
  24. >> By observing and
    reflecting on the world around you,
  25. you'll be likely to stumble
    upon an idea that you love.