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  1. Let's go through it together.
  2. 1 plus blank equals 2, this is pretty much just 1. 1 plus 1 equals 2.
  3. Just like in Python, JavaScript supports string concatenation using addition.
  4. I didn't tell you about this explicitly, but I did tell you to use your Python intuition.
  5. We're going to fill in this blank with one as well,
  6. but this one is a string O-N-E.
  7. The string P-H plus the string O-N-E will equal the string P-H-O-N-E.
  8. Over here this is perhaps the trickiest on the screen.
  9. In order for this whole expression to be True,
  10. both of these sub-expressions,
  11. both of these conjuncts if you prefer mathematics have to be true.
  12. X must be equal to 8 and this complicated math over here must also be true.
  13. Well, if x is equal to 8 then x divided by 2 is 4.
  14. X divided by 2 equals 4 should return True.
  15. This'll be true on the left and true on the right.
  16. Finally, over here, what's anything that we could put in this blank that would
  17. possibly make this expression turn true? J\ust write out the Boolean constant True.