Shit People Say... to Service Dog Handlers

Shit People Say... to Service Dog Handlers

Shit People Say to Service Dog Handlers

These are actual things that have been said to a service dog handler on an everyday basis. For more information about Service Dogs and etiquette please go to:

Written by and Starring: Morgan Krug
Directed by: Britt Novitch

with Special Thanks to Coldon Martin for help with the editing process!

Closed-Captioning is, unfortunately, beyond my editing capabilities (I am very new at this) but here is a transcription of the dialogue for those who asked:

Are you disabled?

What's wrong with you?

You can't have dogs in here!

You're so lucky, you get to bring your dog everywhere with you...

'woof!' directed at dog

Oh, that's a service dog? My cousin's grandfather's great aunt has a service dog. But, they're, you know,
actually in a wheelchair. So they really need one.

Are you blind?

But what if people are scared of dogs?

...Hidden disability?

That poor dog having to work like could you do that to her?

(whispering aside) Hey, go tell security that girl just brought her dog in here

OMG, I like, didn't even recognize you without your service dog next to you. WEIRD. You look like a
different person.

Are you disabled?

You can't have dogs in here unless you're blind. You're not blind...are you?

Your dog is so well behaved! Its amazing!

Are you like, epileptic?

Ma'am, ma'am, you can't have dogs in here.

That is so great that you get to train a service dog for some disabled person. That's really noble of you.

(clicking sounds at dog) (aside) Hey! There's a dog over there! Dog! Hey dog! (continued clicking sounds)

Do you have a bad back or something? don't look disabled.

Ahh! What the hell is that dog doing in here?

So, why aren't you in a wheelchair?

(Petting dog) Oh! You're a service dog...very cool. (continues petting)

What about people who are allergic? What about them?

Omg she's like, your other half!

Oh, a service dog? What branch of the service was she in?

My dog at home reminds me so much of your service dog. She's just a little bigger. And she's got
different colored eyes. And her fur is totally different.

I want to see her shot records before she comes anywhere near me.

Can you really bring your dog in here?

(Reading patches, petting dog) Please ask to pet...I think she says yes! (continues petting)

The nerve of some people, thinking they can just bring their dogs anywhere with them...

Oh, is that a seizure alert dog? I really wish my sister had one of those. Maybe she wouldn't be dead

No, you're not disabled

(To dog) Come here doggie! Come here, what a pretty doggie, look at you, you're such a pretty dog! (To
handler) Why won't she come to me?

Are you disabled?

What's wrong with you?

What's wrong with you?

You can't have dogs in here.

No really, what's wrong with you?

Girl, don't worry, you don't look disabled.

Really? But, you don't look disabled.

You don't look disabled.

You're so lucky.

You're so lucky.

Written by and starring Morgan Krug

Directed and edited by Britt Novitch

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