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  1. The next step is to establish the key
    performance indicators, or KPIs,
  2. for your business.
  3. This is an important step for
    you to monitor and
  4. understand how your company's
    monetization plan is performing.
  5. >> In successful companies like it does
    it in Google, we love data in numbers.
  6. The main reason is that with
    regard to monetization,
  7. numbers give a clear picture
    on where you're standing.
  8. Numbers will tell a real, true story,
    no excuses or emotion here.
  9. All you need to do is listen and act.
  10. If the numbers show that you are not
    going up and to the right, but
  11. rather decline,
    you need to take action fast.
  12. However, you can only do it
    if you have meaningful KPIs
  13. that you are constantly measure.
  14. We are not saying that all month will
    be positive in terms of monetization.
  15. In fact for
  16. every startup there are many weeks
    where you encounter major problems.
  17. What distinguish
    successful entrepreneurs,
  18. is the way they deal with
    those issues and problems.
  19. >> So, how can you increase your odds
    of building a sustainable business?
  20. >> It's a fact that both luck and timing
    play a role, but you can improve your
  21. odds with good planning, and the agility
    to maneuver when things change.