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  1. You may have stereotypes that you're not even aware of. Have you ever heard of
  2. these stereotypes? Athletes are dumb. Blondes are ditzy. Or even, professors
  3. are absent-minded. Now, we don't endorse these stereotypes, but they are, in
  4. fact, stereotypes. And as we'll see, stereotypes can help us save time, and
  5. they allow us to make an impression of somebody that we don't know very well.
  6. However, even though stereotypes can save time, they can have negative results.
  7. So what we'll see in this lesson is that stereotypes can be inaccurate, they
  8. can be self-perpetuating, they can be overused and they can be automatic. Let's
  9. look at the idea of a stereotyping self-perpetuating in a little more detail.
  10. For example, let's say you have a stereotype that professors are older men, who
  11. listen to classical music, and drink fine wine. Now if you meet somebody who
  12. doesn't fall into that stereotype, we're actually likely to ignore that
  13. information. For example, you meet a professor who's a young woman, who listens
  14. to rock and roll, and drinks beer. In this situation, we may modify our
  15. stereotype, and then women would be the exception to the rule. However, the
  16. stereotype that professors are men who listen to classical music and drink wine
  17. will remain.