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  1. Phoenix is out on location this morning

  2. with Denise Young right now,
  3. who is the Picture This Film Festival Director.
  4. Hi Phoenix.
  5. Hey Kate, hi everybody.
  6. Filming film is the topic of discussion today
  7. so we brought Denise in because
  8. there is another event, the PTFF
  9. explain that.
  10. PTFF is short for Picture This Film Festival
  11. which is...we're kicking off our our
  12. fourthteenth year of celebrating films
  13. either made by people with disabilities
  14. on any topic or about disability
  15. and those may or may not be
  16. filmmakers with disabilities.
  17. Why is this film festival so important
  18. to Calgarians and also to these film makers?
  19. I think it's really important get that voice out
  20. because it isn't a voice that you get to see
  21. on the mainstream media as much.
  22. It gives an opportunity for people to tell their stories
  23. and we even say we have an educational function
  24. to educate the broader community about people
  25. with disabilities and the reality of their lives
  26. not…not the fictions
  27. that are, kind of, in mainstream media.
  28. Yeah. There's a couple of examples we're going to
  29. show here in just a quick second.
  30. These are amazing and it comes from all
  31. different parts of the country as well too
  32. not necessarily just Canada
  33. but how many countries are being represented?
  34. This year we had a 125 entries
  35. from 26 different countries
  36. and of the award winners there were
  37. 10 different countries represented.
  38. It's a little daunting putting on something like this
  39. even though you've been doing it for 14 years,
  40. How are you managing?
  41. Well, um, okay. Our real festival director
  42. is on a long term disability leave so we have
  43. a bunch of people standing in to replace the one.
  44. I think you're going to talk to one of my colleagues
  45. who is working with me, from London,
  46. in a few minutes
  47. Beautiful
  48. …the co-curator for the festival, so…
  49. and there's lots of people, just lots of people
  50. working and lots of volunteers.
  51. We usually have between fifteen hundred
  52. and a thou…or two thousand hours
  53. of volunteer time put in by, you know,
  54. ninety to a hundred volunteers.
  55. Come on! That's amazing!
  56. Yeah, there's a lot of commitment to the festival.
  57. You know, we're asking our poll question about
  58. whether or not the film industry
  59. IS important to Alberta, IS important to Calgary.
  60. How would you respond to that?
  61. I think it's very important. We were talking a bit
  62. earlier about that new facility they want to build.
  63. Being able to actually create works locally…
  64. for the international audience but also for the local
  65. audience for some of the independent film makers,
  66. the smaller budget people,
  67. absolutely important and probably a big employer
  68. in the Province, I would imagine, as well.
  69. The uniqueness of the Picture This Film Festival
  70. is that you certain criteria for these films as well.
  71. Yeah, the criteria really just are about who's
  72. making the films or the topic, right? So, it's either
  73. a film maker with a disability and as I said, those
  74. can be on anything. We have three entries
  75. this year from a filmmaker from Kathmandu
  76. who has disabilities.
  77. Wow
  78. And one of his entries is on child labour.
  79. So, it's got nothing to do with disability per se,
  80. so…or as I said,
  81. if it's on the topic of disability
  82. anybody can enter a film.
  83. If you're looking for something unique,
  84. something kind of different, well, it's
  85. the Picture This Film Festival the…
  86. your website so that you can see these films?
  87. Yes, it's
  88. which is short for Picture This Film Festival.
  89. Wonderful stuff.
  90. So, all the information is on there.
  91. Denise Young, she is the festival director,
  92. the acting festival director.
  93. Thank you for coming in
  94. and let's see more of these films.
  95. Great Stuff.