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  1. We will now talk about correspondence in stereo.
  2. You might remember our dynamic programming approach for
  3. resolving correspondence along an entire scan line.
  4. So I'll give you another scan line. This is the left scan line--red, red, blue, blue, blue, red.
  5. Then the right scan line we get to see the following.
  6. Obviously there is a shift going on.
  7. I'd like to ask you where this little pixel over here will go into the lead association.
  8. It can go into any of those pixels over here, so please check exactly one of those boxes.
  9. Let's assume the cost for a bad match,
  10. when we match 2 colors that don't correspond, is 20.
  11. The cost of an assumed occlusion or a disocclusion is 10.
  12. Try to find the optimal alignment,
  13. and then tell me where in the right scan line this 1 pixel corresponds to.
  14. Check the exact box to which it corresponds.
  15. Here is a second question I'd like to ask you.
  16. What if we changed the cost of occlusion to 100?
  17. Please answer the exact same question--where does the B over here go--
  18. under this different cost model.