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  1. So the way to submit this answer on the forum,
  2. is to look under the Discussions section of the web
  3. page. For now, there is just the one link here.
  4. Although, you may see multiple links under Discussions. Click on the
  5. link that is in bold, and has a star in
  6. front of it. Now, the star means that I created
  7. this thread for you to submit your responses. After I
  8. click on it, a new tab opens with a Discussion forum.
  9. Here, you can simply scroll down, to submit your responses. So here I am,
  10. back to the original question, which is, if you were writing the take a break
  11. program, what steps would you take to get to the output? Make sure you submit
  12. your responses on the Discussion forum, and,
  13. check this box after you've submitted your answer.