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  1. At this point you should know what
    monetization method you want to use, and
  2. how you'll implement it.
  3. You might also have a plan
    B in the back of your head,
  4. in case that first one doesn't work out.
  5. And you should also have a plan for
    tracking and
  6. measuring the success of your model.
  7. >> Keep in mind, you can apply the user
    segment to creating the previous unit
  8. to any of these reports.
  9. This will help you get insights per
    group, which is much more accurate.
  10. As Yogi Berra said,
    you can observe a lot just by watching.
  11. In our world, keep watching your users.
  12. >> In the next lesson,
  13. you'll learn how to iterate on your
    monetization model, changing your
  14. approach when you're not making
    the amount of money that you need to.