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  1. So Rich mentioned personas and use cases as a
  2. way to understand our users attributes and their behaviors.
  3. >> Yeah, and remember we asked you to come up with a, three features for pizza
  4. application for entry. And we have a situation
  5. where you came up with a feature list, and.
  6. >> Yeah.
  7. >> And we each came up with a different one,.
  8. And we had gone over two options, which is to combine
  9. the features or just pick one of our feature sets.
  10. But those are actually both not the right thing to do.
  11. >> The way
  12. we really should have started was, to start with personas and
  13. use cases. Because we could have debated and talked about features
  14. all day. Everybody had really great ideas of features, but if
  15. we had started with personas and use cases, we would have
  16. come up with very different feature lists. A persona is a
  17. proxy for a group of actual users of a product, for
  18. whom the UX is going to be optimized. A use case
  19. is the scenario of how, when, and where a persona will
  20. use your product to accomplish a task.