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  1. This is Darren of Amara.
  2. I want to show you quick video
  3. on how to switch the reference
    language for when you're translating.
  4. So you might need to do this
  5. when you're translating and
    trying to locate different track
  6. like metadata gio for example.
  7. So to switch this reference
    language is pretty easy.
  8. Just go to the left hand side --
  9. and over here -- hit the drop down
    and select the language you wish to view.
  10. Ta-dah -- there it is!
  11. It's shown on up on the left hand side
    and you can use that hovewer you wish.
  12. Note that some languages might actually
    have a different number of subtitles
  13. or might even have
    totally different timing
  14. than the language you are working on.
  15. So, make sure that you use the lock icon
  16. to lock and unlock your translation
    with your reference language
  17. to make sure that they
    fit and flow together.
  18. So notice these two subtitles for example.
  19. At the same timing, and they are
    the same phrase in both languages,
  20. but they're not lined up.
  21. So, I will click this lock icon
    to unlock the two languages,
  22. scroll my translation to fit
  23. and I now hit that lock button again --
  24. and ta-dah! -- I can scroll
    these two languages together.