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  1. So there's lots of different ways you could have solved
  2. this. You need to use the print command to print out
  3. the result. And then we want an expression that calculates the
  4. number of minutes in seven weeks. There's seven weeks, each week
  5. has seven days, so we can have seven times seven for
  6. the number of days. Then to get the number of minutes,
  7. we need to multiply that by 24 to get the number
  8. of hours And then multiply again, by 60. That should give
  9. us the number of minutes. So let's see that in the Python interpreter. And now
  10. we hit Run, and we see that we have 70,560 minutes. Seems
  11. like a lot of time. It's going to go pretty quick, and we hope by
  12. the end of the seven weeks, all of you will be accomplished Python programmers.