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  1. So when it comes to putting
    ads in a native app,
  2. there's actually a lot of different
    things we have to consider.
  3. Especially because the screen
    size on a phone or
  4. a tablet is a lot smaller than it
    might be on a desktop application.
  5. So what do we have to keep in mind?
  6. >> There are several things.
  7. Every app offer a different type
    of experience to its users.
  8. So it's important that your ad
    format match that experience.
  9. While a banner ad may work well for
  10. a flashlight app, a gaming app could
    benefit much more from a full video app.
  11. In other words,
    you need to take into consideration
  12. the placement within your app and
    the different ad formats.
  13. You could try the two leading platforms.
  14. Adsense or double-click.
  15. However, there are other platforms
    out there for you to check out.
  16. >> And we've linked them in
    the instructor notes below.