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  1. Today we're going to talk about partners.
  2. Who are your key partners and suppliers?
  3. We've already talked about value propositions, customer segments,
  4. distribution channels, customer relationships, and revenue streams.
  5. Now we're going to talk about our partners.
  6. What's interesting about partners is these are other companies
  7. who provide you resources.
  8. They might be partners, they might be suppliers,
  9. but they're needed to make your business model work,
  10. and these partners and suppliers might supply or give you
  11. resources, activities, and other things that are essential
  12. for your company to succeed.
  13. So what you need to understand is what type of relationships
  14. you need to have with them.
  15. Are these relationships going to be strategic alliances
  16. between noncompeting companies?
  17. Are they going to be joint ventures?
  18. Are they going to be coopetition?
  19. What are you going to do, and what are they going to do?
  20. So, in this lecture, we are going to explain
  21. the differences, the pitfalls, and the successes between each.