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  1. The connection between angle and time is what's known as angular velocity,
  2. which we give this symbol ω--it looks sort of like a funny w.
  3. In this quantity describes how quickly in radians we progress around this circle
  4. and so it's units are in radians/second and the equation that describes this
  5. is that the angle is equal to the ω*t--the angular velocity times the elapsed time.
  6. I should put a Δ here. This is how much you've changed your angle.
  7. So let's say we started an angle of 0 degrees, 0 radians were down here,
  8. and I have an angular velocity--let's keep it simple of 1 radian/sec.
  9. So what I want to know is how long will it take to complete one cycle
  10. and you'll have to remember what one cycle means in radians when four cycle
  11. given an angular velocity of 1 radian/second--enter your answer here.