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  1. All right, so let's now talk
    about the different types of
  2. ads that you can have in your ad,
    and what they look like.
  3. In this lesson, we will focus on the
    following types of ads, banner ads, and
  4. interstitial ads.
  5. Banner ads only covers a portion
    of the visible screen, so
  6. they can be shared with
    content displayed by your app.
  7. And if the user clicks on the ad
    the webpage will be opened
  8. that has more information about the ad.
  9. Banner ads can either be text or
    an image, like the one you see here.
  10. Interstitial ads on the other hand,
    will cover the entire screen.
  11. That makes it really important to decide
    when to show an interstitial ad since
  12. your app can not display anything while
    the interstitial ad is being displayed.
  13. Interstitial ads are perfect when
    there's a natural break in your ad.
  14. For example, between levels of a game.
  15. In addition, to text an image ads,
  16. interstitial ads can
    also show video content.
  17. These two types of ads,
    banner ads and interstitial ads,
  18. are the ones that we will
    look at in this lesson.
  19. And although this lesson will focus
    on banner and interstitial ads,
  20. there is one more ad
    type called native ads.
  21. And as of May, 2015,
    native ads are still in beta.
  22. Native ads give you much more freedom to
    customize the look and feel of the ad.
  23. This is accomplished using
    two different templates.
  24. App install native Ads which
    can drive app installations by
  25. advertising the app.
  26. And content native ads which allows for
    a more generic combination of text and
  27. images that covers a broader scope.
  28. But in this lesson we will focus on
    banner ads and interstitial ads.
  29. So let's look into more details.