"Let It Go" (All 25 Languages Transcript + Translations) original subtitles by Ko Sherman

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Description on the Daily Motion original:

"To celebrate the release of their 53rd animated feature release, Disney compiles a montage of different divas belting out the hit song "Let it Go" of the beloved tale "Frozen", a loose adaption of Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen". Here, Elsa, the Snow Queen, is portrayed by the unique voices of its many different versions, strung together to recreate an unparalleled commonality that traverses localities and languages.

Special thanks to Disney, and all friends who advised on the various languages.
Translated by: Ko Sherman and Friends.

N.B: Due to the restrictions of Dailymotion, Caption selects for the videos are as follows:
English: Translation
Esperanto: Multilingual
Latin: Romanisation (of Multilingual lyrics)

Special thanks to: Emilia Vuori, Joanna Glogaza, Pep Gorgori, Beatriz Noronha Dilão, Katia Mamykina, Sandra Friis, Marit Grønnerød Torp, Krit Nareut Suttirat, Vissata Duangwongsri, and Jess Vetsuypers."

Here on Amara, for similar reasons:

English, British = Translation
Metadata: Wikipedia = Multilingual
Metadata: Geo = Romanisation (of Multilingual lyrics)