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  1. The snow glows white on the mountain tonight,
  2. Not a footprint to be seen.
  3. A kingdom of loneliness,
  4. my place is here forever.
  5. The wind, it howls
  6. like the storm deep inside me.
  7. It was too much (for me),
  8. no matter how hard I try.
  9. “Don’t let them come, (Don’t let them) see.
  10. Be the good girl, just like how you’d used to be”
  11. “Show nothing,
  12. whatever you do,
  13. everything is ruined!”
  14. The true self,
  15. (I will) show (it).
  16. I’m free,
  17. freedom without having to return!
  18. All those against (me),
  19. This gesture I can afford (to give)!
  20. Come hundreds of hurricanes,
  21. and meanwhile, my heart sits on ice.
  22. From the distance,
  23. how small everything is.
  24. And the fears that have dominated me
  25. have gone away forever.
  26. It’s not a defect, it’s a virtue,
  27. Don’t hold (it) back ever again!
  28. I would live freely, to my heart’s content!
  29. It’s the end, it’s over.
  30. I’m on the wings of (the) wind!
  31. Whoever, regardless, also desires to say with all the heart.
  32. Forget the strains of yesterday, the sorrowful songs!
  33. I’m here,
  34. and I’m staying!
  35. Come the storm!
  36. My powers make my life chaotic.
  37. I have power over frost, (and) ice,
  38. What a marvellous gift!
  39. And like crystals,
  40. a thought stands clear.
  41. I will stop being
  42. (a) captive to the past!
  43. Let it go,
  44. I will rise like the sun now.
  45. Let it out,
  46. don’t hide
  47. (there's) nothing worthy about being a good child.
  48. I am here!
  49. As I have dreamed of!
  50. And the storm rages on!
  51. The freezing cold is already there, and I don’t care about it anyway.
  52. Translated by:
    Ko Sherman and Friends