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  1. We're now at the end of this unit. The last thing we need to discuss is our
  2. Test. So, there are some things which are constant in every simulation we run,
  3. and the constant things are the components of our TestBench. We have the Packet
  4. Driver and the Packet Receiver. They will be part of every test. What is
  5. different in a test are the constraints. The constraints allow us to control
  6. randomization and guide our tests into specific areas. So, when we talk of a
  7. test, it's two things. The Instantiation of the TestBench in all of its
  8. subcomponents, and Additional Constraints to control where the randomization
  9. will take the traffic. So, in this last exercise, we will write our first test,
  10. we will instantiate all the components, and we will control what kind of
  11. traffic we'll run in our first test on the router.