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  1. This data, is what's called normally distributed. That's very important. A
  2. normal distribution has one peak right here, called the mode. And it looks like
  3. most scores fall at around 20%. And in fact, when you looked at the
  4. interactivate software in the last video, when I showed you the different bin
  5. sizes for this data, it said that the mean was 19.151, which is about 20%. The
  6. shape is roughly symmetrical. You can see that it follows a distribution that
  7. looks kind of like this. And, if you were to fold it across this line, it would
  8. pretty much overlap right on top of each other. Now 35 percent is out about
  9. here, so we cannot say that the most common body fat percent is 35%. We can,
  10. however, say that most scores fall in the middle of the distribution. Here's the
  11. middle, and you can see that 64 approximately men fall right here in the middle
  12. with these 2 bins. Are there more scores between 15 and 25 than 35 and 50. 15
  13. and 25 covers this middle area here, but 35 and 50 goes from here out to about
  14. here. So yes, we can say there are more scores between 15 and 25 than 35 to 50.
  15. How about between 0 and 10? Doesn't look like there are many scores, whereas
  16. between 18 and 24, that covers pretty much this whole section, so no we cannot
  17. say this. And finally, do relatively fewer men have a body fat percentage above
  18. 35, or below 5%? Yes, only a few men have that body fat percentage.