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Libraries, Digital Privacy, & Data Literacy | TA3M NYC June 2015

TA3M NYC Chapter -Monday, June 15, 2015 @ Thoughtworks NYC

A conversation about the impact of surveillance and data collection on citizens, specifically on disadvantaged communities. Learn more about the privacy and data issues that librarians face in their work and new efforts to empower them to address these issues. Libraries are among the most trusted institutions in their communities, making librarians uniquely positioned to prepare patrons for the privacy challenges brought about by the pervasiveness of data sharing, profiling, DRM, third-party platforms, and surveillance technologies. Individuals with the greatest digital literacy needs are also the most vulnerable to abuses of personal data, creating an even more urgent need for libraries to address these issues. Librarians are prepared to meet this need. Join us for an informal conversation highlighting new efforts afoot to train librarians in digital privacy and data literacy. We are bringing together librarians, policy advocates, technologists, and the communities they all serve to further bridge not just the digital divide but the privacy digital divide.

Melissa Morrone, public librarian, Brooklyn
Seeta Peña Gangadharan, senior research fellow,Open Technology Institute
Bonnie Tijerina, Data & Society Fellow
Alycia Sellie, Associate Librarian for Collections, Graduate Center Library
Moderator: Audrey Evans, Head of Research, Dollar a Day, Inc.


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