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  1. There are two reasons why conformity may occur, they are informational social
  2. influence and normative social influence. Let's start with the informational
  3. social influence. This happens when people conform to the behavior of others
  4. because they view the other people as a source of knowledge regarding what
  5. they're supposed to do or how they're supposed to act. Have you ever found
  6. yourself in a new situation and were unsure of how to act or what to do? Did
  7. you look to others to see how they were behaving? Well this is an example of
  8. informational social influence. Consider a freshman starting college, the
  9. person may look around to see how other people are behaving in the lunchroom
  10. for example. Do people take their food off their trays to eat, do they keep
  11. their food on their trays? Do they mostly sit outside, do they sit inside this
  12. usually happens in situations that are ambiguous, or in a novel situation.
  13. That's when we are most likely to see the informational social influence occur.
  14. The next influence on our behavior will be quite obvious when you stop and
  15. think about some examples in your own life. This is normative social influence,
  16. and it explains a lot of our behavior. For example, do you dress similarly to
  17. your friends? Do you listen to the same type of music as your friends? Have you
  18. ever tried drugs or alcohol to be accepted by a particular social group? Well
  19. if you've changed your behavior in order to gain acceptance by a particular
  20. social group, social psychologists would say that this is due to normative
  21. social influence.