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  1. I'm going to help you get going with your code. And, the first
  2. thing you're going to need to do, is set up your development environment.
  3. Actually, that's the second thing you need to do. The first thing
  4. I'm going to have you do is download the code that you're going to
  5. be using in this course. So to get the code, all you
  6. have to do is click this Download ZIP button here in the
  7. bottom right corner. When you do that, it's going to download the
  8. ZIP of all the code in this repository to your computer. When you've
  9. downloaded it, expand the ZIP and you'll see all the
  10. folders for each of the lessons. Here's Lesson 2, Lesson
  11. 3, Lesson 4, and so on. Right now, go ahead
  12. and download the ZIP for all the code for the course