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  1. Okay. So by now, you've heard a lot of
  2. positive things about App Engine and how it can help
  3. you build scalable applications. But let's do a reality check
  4. here. Surely, there must also be trade offs involved when
  5. using App Engine. Let's start off with programming languages.
  6. Since App Engine provides services to control the execution environment,
  7. it also has to set up programming languages it supports.
  8. This list has been extended over time, but App Engine
  9. currently supports Python, Java, PHP, and Go.
  10. And since App Engine is an execution container,
  11. it also means that there are specific versions
  12. of these languages that are supported, so this
  13. is something to think about. Then moving over
  14. to low-level controls. Since App Engine was designed
  15. to create scalable application as easy as possible,
  16. it's execution environment also encapsulate many low-level controls.
  17. For example, operating system type and version, virtual
  18. machine configuration, or network controls, et cetera are not
  19. visible, and cannot be configured in App Engine. And
  20. that goes for other things, as well. App Engine
  21. strikes a great balance between providing the convenience you
  22. need to develop scalable applications without sacrificing the flexibility
  23. that you want. But with this in mind, don't
  24. be surprised later on when you see App Engine
  25. is not like a regular virtual machine, because it's not. All right. That's
  26. it for the reality check. Let's now look at some App Engine success stories.