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  1. Now you may not have heard the term constant function before,
  2. but intuitively we think that this is a function that has a constant value, at all values of the input.
  3. That's what graph A is.
    It's of the form y equals some constant, c, let's say.
  4. Actually in this case it looks more like 3,
    so we'll just write that.
  5. Linear functions you recognize.
    It's graph C right here.
  6. The quadratic function is the parabola, graph F.
  7. The absolute value function, which you saw in a problem set earlier in the course, is graph B.
  8. The cubic function is graph D.
  9. And the square root function is graph E.
    Now you may not have seen this graph before either.
  10. But as always, you can test points picking values of x
  11. and then plugging them into the function to figure what the y coordinate should be.
  12. The graph of this function is
    y equals the square root of x.
  13. So if x equals 0, y equals 0.
    If x equals 1, y equals 1.
  14. And we can see that moving further over,
    if x equals 5, y equals just over 2.