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  1. Now as I mentioned earlier variables and
    numbers can be combined. And when we do
  2. this, we create expressions. An expression
    is what you get any time you put numbers
  3. and variables together, with mathematical
    operators. So those are things like plus
  4. minus divide and multiply. To make things
    a little bit more concrete I'll write out
  5. a few examples of expressions. So in each
    of these expressions right here, you see
  6. some terms that have variables in them.
    Like 3x or, or -4m^4 / 13n^3.
  7. And these are combined with terms that are
    just numbers, like 4 or -2. The separate
  8. things that we add or subtract to come up
    with the expressions are called terms. Any
  9. term that has a variable in it is called a
    variable term like 7.8y / 3 or z and other
  10. terms that don't have variables in them
    that are just numbers are called constants
  11. or constant terms. I've only labeled the
    types of terms in the first expression but
  12. we could easily figure out what kinds of
    terms are in the other two expressions, as
  13. well.