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  1. I am Richard Stallman, founder of the Movement of Free Software
  2. I started this movement in the year 1983
  3. because I wanted to be able to use computers freely
  4. which was impossible with private systems of explotation
  5. that were in existence in that time
  6. so, to be able to use a computer freely
  7. we needed to build a system of free explotation
  8. meaning one respecting the liberty of the user
  9. (Freedom, and its role in teaching)
  10. A program is free if it respects freedom and community of users
  11. there are 2 choices with a program:
  12. either the users have control over the program
  13. or the program has control over the users
  14. the first case is the free software,
  15. the second, the private software
  16. the one who makes users un-free
  17. in order for users to have control of the program
  18. they have to attain 4 essential freedoms--
  19. a more specific definition:
  20. Freedom 0 is the freedom to execute the program as you want
  21. Freedom # 2 (sic 1?) is the freedom to study and change the source code
  22. to make your data as you want
  23. Freedom #2 is to help others
  24. to make and distribute exact copies of programs at will
  25. and Freedom #3 is to contribute to your community
  26. to distribute modified copies of your versions of programs when you want
  27. If every user has these 4 freedoms
  28. users then have control of the program
  29. both individually and collectively
  30. Why to teach free software at schools?
  31. To lead society towards freedom
  32. because social inertia leads people towards where it is already
  33. that is, a path towards even less freedom
  34. even more unfair
  35. and how to change this path?
  36. an effort is needed, and schools should do it
  37. Schools have a social mission
  38. to educate good citizens
  39. of a strong, independent, capable, generous and free society