Biblical Prophecy Fulfilled.... Even During A Pandemic?

Biblical Prophecy Fulfilled.... Even During A Pandemic?

Can God's Word be fulfilled even in a time of global shaking?
Normally Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv is a vibrant place filled with welcome signs, balloons and the sound of cheers as people reunite with their loved ones. But lately, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the airport has been empty... really empty.
BUT- on March 22nd, 26 Russian Jewish immigrants took a brave step to start new lives in the Holy Land on an ICEJ sponsored flight! Even in these uncertain times, ICEJ is honored to be a part of Biblical prophecy in bringing God’s people back to Israel
And we can see even in these challenging times, God’s word will not fail.
Thank you for your continued support and for being a part of a modern-day miracle. Help support these new immigrants in this critical time by giving at

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