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Talking with Ellery Biddle about Global Voices, at the GV Summit 2012. Pride Inn Raphta Road, Nairobi, Kenya, July 3rd 2012, 1.19pm

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  1. [Interviewer] Tell me about your experience in Global Voices, what do you think? I love being
  2. part of this community. It gratifies me so much to have a place where I'm not only
  3. writing about my ideas, but by sharing and also what is happening in the blogosphere
  4. and make coverage of that, to be able to talk with my colleagues, because before these five days ago
  5. I almost didn't know none. But I felt... always very welcome, I always feel that,
  6. If I'm reading about a problem in a country, something that is happening and want to write something,
  7. I can write about an author of that country and ask him what he knows about it, he can help me
  8. to learn more or to meet bloggers who are working on this theme. Yes..., I love it.
  9. The only thing that I would love to be able to do is to do more, ha, ha. [Interviewer] In addition to collaborate with Global Voices
  10. have you a stable job, don't you? Tell us about him. -Stable jog?, that's very good, ha, ha. - Good.
  11. I work for the Center for Democracy and Technology (Center for democracy and the
  12. Technology) is an NGO in United States that works to promote and protect the fundamental rights
  13. "on line". Basically freedom of expression, access to information and the privacy.
  14. And our group, we are very focused on public policy and most of us are lawyers,
  15. I am not, but..., our work has much to see with domestic legislation having to do with
  16. the ICT, internet, but in my group we work the international side, and what we do, in general, is
  17. to identify problems, new legislations and policies that are changing, where we can assist
  18. or support in any way. We have many similar organizations we work with,
  19. in many other countries, including some in Latin America: Argentina, Chile, Colombia,
  20. that we work with a lot. Our team... something that we have, that is somewhat unique,
  21. is our technological knowledge and people who understands very well how the law works in relation with the technological technique.
  22. Therefore sometimes, if there is a new law proposal a draft law, which is well complicated and which
  23. We have had some experience in our own situation in United States. We say, well,
  24. we live this, may be we can write an analysis that will help them or..., we have a call and talk
  25. about these issues. Or in some cases, there is some value, for example in Thailand, where there was a law project
  26. and the organization which we work with there, have told us, look, look, it would be very positive to have an opinion from
  27. the experience in your country. Well, ok! The truth is that in each country is different, but the people who
  28. is working on these issues always know what is what it will work strategically and what does not.
  29. So, this is my job. I try to make (inaudible) coverage on these matters and to bridge
  30. between the two spaces. [Interviewer] In addition of telling us about this, you have other interests,
  31. other things that draw your attention - how? -[Interviewer] have other topics that you like.
  32. -Yes... but you are thinking in something specific. [Interviewer] No, no, You have told me that you may want
  33. to talk about some other things beside Global and your work. -No, no (HA, HA). I am very happy to be
  34. part of this community and be able to combine my daily work with the experiences that we are
  35. having. And I think that the most important is that, increasingly, the people who are using the
  36. media, understands that there are policies that affect their ability to use them safely
  37. and where they can express themselves freely. [Interviewer] what about the panels nowadays? Well, I will
  38. ask you the same thing because... I was in two (HA, HA) and I...think that they came out well, I hope.
  39. [Interviewer] Well, thank you. -Thank you