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Conversando con Ellery Biddle sobre Global Voices, en el GV Summit 2012. Pride Inn Raphta Road, Nairobi, Kenia, 3 de julio del 2012, 1.19pm

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  1. [Interviewer] Tell me about your experience in Global Voice, what do you think of it? I enjoy being
  2. part of this community. I...it satisfies me to have a place in which I not only
  3. write about my ideas but can also interchange them and, in addition know what is happening in the blogosphere
  4. and cover that, be able to talk with my colleagues, because five days ago
  5. I didn't know any of them. But...I always felt very welcomed, I always feel like
  6. if I'm reading about a problem in a country or something that's happening and I want to write something,
  7. I can write to any authors of that country and ask them what they know about the topic, and if they can help me
  8. learn more or meet bloggers that are working on this topic. Yes...I love it.
  9. I just wish I could do more.
    [Interviewer] Aside from collaborating with Global Voices
  10. you have a good job, right? Tell us about it. - A job that's very good. Well,
  11. I work for the Center of Democracy and Technology
  12. which is a NGO in the United States that works to promote and protect the
  13. fundamental rights online. Basically, they protect the right to express oneself, access information and have privacy.
  14. Our group focuses mainly on public politics and most of us are lawyers
  15. I'm not, but our work has much to do with the domestic legislation concerning
  16. the ICT, Internet, but my team works more on global matters and, generally, what we do is
  17. identify problems, new legislations, changing politics, where we can help
  18. in any way. We work with organizations from other countries with similar goals in mind
  19. including many organizations from Latin America: Argentina, Chile, Colombia.
  20. Something unique that our team has is a lot of technological knowledge
  21. as well as individuals that know how law works in relation to technology.
  22. So sometimes, if there is a new controversial bill of which
  23. we've had some experience dealing with in the United States, we're able to say
  24. we've dealt with this before, we can write a helpful analysis or call them
  25. concerning the topic. In some situations, like in Thailand where there was a bill regarding
  26. the law and organization with which we work, they told us it would be very beneficial to hear an opinion based on the
  27. experience we had in our country. Well, alright! The truth is that in every country things are different, but the people that
  28. work on these topics always know what will work strategically or not.
  29. That's the way it is, that's how I work. I try to cover these matters and fill the voids
  30. found between two places. [Interviewer] Besides telling us about this, are there other matters that interest you,
  31. other things that catch your attention. -What?- [Interviewer] Are there other things that interest you?
  32. -Yes, but are you talking about something specifically?- [Interviewer] No, no, you mentioned you wanted
  33. to talk about other things not having to do with your work. -No, no. I'm very happy to be
  34. part of this community and be able to combine my daily work with the experiences we're
  35. having. The most important thing, I think, is that the people who use the media
  36. are understanding that there are politics that affect their right to use them safely
  37. and in a way in which they can freely express themselves. [Interviewer] And what's the outlook for today? -Well, I
  38. ask you the same thing because I've been in two and I think they went well, I hope.
  39. [Interviewer] Well, thank you. -Thank you-