The Pitchforks are Coming (LAST NIGHTLY №53)

The Pitchforks are Coming (LAST NIGHTLY №53)

The Democrats’ biggest donor says the party is blowing it and should get behind Bernie’s platform �BECOME A PATRON at


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LAST NIGHTLY explores the comments of Tom Steyer, the largest individual donor for the Democratic party, about Bernie Sanders and working families. He says the DNC desperately needs to adopt Sanders' platform, and go beyond "#navigatingtrumpsamerica" stuff. Whether the Democratic National Committee actually starts to take on income inequality, the 2016 election democrats didn't go well and the Democrats need to prepare for the 2018 elections as well as the 2020 elections. We need single payer, even a billionaire hedgefund manager Tom Steyer is all about the fight for 15. He's probably not anti capitalism but he is pro Medicare for all. I think we should realize what Tom Steyer Trump statements make sense. Tom Steyer 2020 statements should be heeded. On healthcare and medicaid the statements made at the people's summit, or hell by Jeremy Corbyn, and realize that socialism is the answer. We need health care for all. This is for progressives, it's good progressive news and we will see more bernie sanders speech during the bernie sanders 2020 campaign.

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