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  1. Hi all.
  2. Today we are going to talk about
    a subject that usually does not
  3. get the attention it deserves.
  4. Money!
  5. Why?
  6. Because if you wish your startup
    to last, it must be profitable.
  7. There is no other way.
  8. >> And, you should think of
    your business funds as air,
  9. as long as you have enough of it you
    don't have to think about it at all.
  10. But the minute you run out of it,
    it's game over.
  11. >> I'm Ido Green and in the past 20
    years I've started six companies.
  12. Two companies were acquired,
    one became profitable, and
  13. three flew into a wall
    just like Buzz Lightyear.
  14. Currently I'm having fun at Google as a
    developer advocate helping startups and
  15. developers get the most
    out of monetization.
  16. >> And I'm Jess, a program manager and
    course developer here at Udacity.
  17. My role in this course
    is to ask questions.
  18. Questions of Ido on how we monetize.
  19. And questions of you, to help you start
    thinking about how you'll apply what you
  20. learn here in your own product.
  21. >> In this course, you'll learn
    basic monetization principles for
  22. a variety of product types,
    how to implement these strategies, and
  23. how to track their effectiveness.
  24. Let's take a little look
    at how we'll do this.