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  1. Now with Lockwise in the Firefox browser,
  2. you can manage all the passwords
  3. you've saved with ease.
  4. Visit the Main Menu
  5. to open Lockwise in tab view.
  6. Here you can view, create,
  7. Or update all your logins saved
  8. to the Firefox browser.
  9. And even launch a website
  10. without leaving the panel.
  11. Now you'll also get alerts
  12. for known site breaches since
  13. the last time you updated
  14. your passwords.
  15. Learn more about those breaches
  16. and get reminded to update
  17. your passwords on
  18. monitor dot Firefox dot Com
  19. And with a Firefox account you can sync
  20. your passwords anywhere
  21. across your mobile devices
  22. with the Lockwise Android or iOS app.
  23. And all with the Firefox security features
  24. you've always relied on.
  25. Firefox Lockwise.
  26. Protection where you need it most.