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  1. While less than 2% of the human genome
  2. actually counts as coding for anything, there are
  3. more than 20,000 genes in just that 2%.
  4. Now we refer to this major division in the
  5. genome as protein coding DNA and non-coding DNA.
  6. Now the rest of this lesson will actually continue
  7. to cover how this 2% of our genome
  8. still codes for all those proteins. The next lesson
  9. will actually start to reveal some more about the role of this 98% of non-coding
  10. DNA. To make sure that your understanding of
  11. non-coding and protein coding DNA sequences is clear,
  12. I've listed five different types of sequence that we could find in a genome. We
  13. have exons, introns, promoter regions, translated sequence between
  14. start and stop codons, and untranslated sequence that
  15. would be transcribed but outside start and stop codons. I want
  16. you to indicate which sequences is in this list here. Which
  17. sequences of DNA would be considered either coding or non-coding. So
  18. we're going to use the number one to represent coding and
  19. two to represent non-coding. So in each box I want you
  20. to put either the number one or the number two to
  21. indicate whether an exon would be considered part of coding or
  22. non-coding sequence. Go ahead and pick which answer you think is
  23. best for each item in the list.